Justin Gabriel sounded better on the mic tonight, which means they all did a good job with their promos I thought. Man, I am constantly impressed with Barrett though.

Jericho and Morrison had a really great match. I don’t know if he got hit in the face with Starship Pain or what but Jericho’s mouth was bleeding some.

Alicia Fox’s promo was good. She pretty much got her ass kicked but she did it well.

Edge and Ryder together again! haha. That promo actually was really amusing to me. And Ryder adding an extra line to the WWE logo to give the “WWW” in “Woo Woo Woo” is a nice touch as well. But really, Edge is another one who nails it every time and can make me laugh nonstop.

I actually enjoyed the Cena/Justin Gabriel match. They both looked good to me and Gabriel hit a real pretty moonsault.

Interesting that they brought up Tough Enough…they usually kind of dance around that. It was great to see Daniel Bryan out there and for him to have some mic time. Also, when Alex Riley came out I couldn’t tell who it was. It kind of looked like Shane McMahon for a second…haha.

Um…Michael Cole was right, Khali DID eliminate himself that first time. I see how they got away with it but still. Oops.

Jericho can’t leave. I’ve decided.

Darren Young out of nowhere! Barrett and Orton had a good match. And I’m always up for Orton beating people up, it’s fun.

The Divas version of NXT could be interesting. At least, I hope it is. I’ll try to catch some of it but with not having SyFy, we’l have to see what happens.