I admit that seeing the Undertaker still makes me as excited as a small child. But man, Punk really can cut a a promo with the best of them.

I like this Swagger/MVP feud, it seems like they work well together.

I heartily hope this stupid unification match breaks up LayCool, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Well, Matt Hardy can still hit a moonsault which is always good to see. I like those a lot. It would be super to learn to do that someday. At first I thought he was totally going to job to del Rio but I’m glad it didn’t end up that way.

Great to see Kaval. That was a really good, well done and fun to watch match he had with McIntyre.

You know, I hope Dolph Ziggler keeps the title at Night of Champions. 1. Title reigns are so short sometimes and 2. He really DOES deserve to have a belt, and winning without interference from Vickie might help people respect him more…except is that really gonna happen?? Anyway.

Wow Kelly Kelly acting like a normal person works well for her.

Punk and Taker had a good match. A bit slow at points but really well done. GTS to the Undertaker!!!! I know Undertaker is supposed to be “irreparably damaged” or whatever but it’s still kind of hard to believe him being so beat up because…he’s the Undertaker. Kane’s laugh is pretty creepy though, good work there!