Oh, man. Ochocinco. This can only end in hilarity, he is ridiculous.

Daniel Bryan looked good for the five minutes or so I felt like he got. Miz is good at being a jerk. Thought Alex Riley did fine, though it wasn’t much.

HA. Edge singing and dancing. Good television right there. And it was nice to have Bourne have a match with a big opponent…too bad it was short and kind of lame (not due to poor performances, just no time and all). I pretty much saw Mark Henry (or Khali maybe) coming out as soon as the GM bell rang.

I’m not sure a song and dance competition is the way to get viewers from the football games going on, but ok. DiBiase did amuse me.

Oh, hey, a Falls Count Anywhere match! I’m a fan of those. Also, John Morrison is basically crazy fit. The match was pretty good. Morrison did some insane stuff, that’s for sure. He is fun to watch when they let him go.

Dammit, GM, give Jericho what he wants! The man must not leave!! Though I have to admit, I’m not super hopeful he’ll stay…His words about Vince McMahon were correct though. And I just really cannot stop thinking, every time I watch him cut a promo or wrestle, that he really is one of the best in the business right now. No question in my mind. He and Kidd (mostly) had a good match there. I really like Hart Dynasty as well. It was exciting to watch.

The Trading Places math was actually pretty entertaining as well. Regal has been really funny lately; he rapped on Superstars. I highly recommend that if you can see it (it should be on Hulu soon).

I have to say I actually enjoyed the Orton/Cena match, too. Nexus coming in…whatever. But cool stuff happened after they did. It’s kinda fun to watch the tables break. Sometimes the rubber lining on the edges scares me, though because it doesn’t break and looks like they get tangled up. Also this makes sense for the match to break down the week before a PPV. Which I’m quite excited for! I saw Cena hit the table first, but I didn’t actually catch the RKO the first time. Saw it in the replay though and it looks like it actually was really well done. Orton’s getting super good at hitting that at odd times.