The dark match was DiBiase vs. John Morrison. The crowd was LOUD the whole night. Big pop for Morrison, who hit his amazing finisher and won.

First up was Dolph vs. Kofi. It was a good match; I don’t think it like, really blew me away but it was good. BIG boos for Ziggler. I’m really happy he won though because he won clean and I think he deserves it. (Not that Kofi doesn’t, but he’s had a bit more of a push in the past than Dolph.)

Punk came out and cut a beautiful promo. Of course the crowd was mixed for him, but he started talking about how much he loves Chicago…and then how much of a disgrace all the people who live there now are. He even made a Chicago fire reference, it was spectacular. Big boos after that, of course, but he really did it perfectly. The match wasn’t bad; it seemed like it ended kind of abruptly but it was fine. Gallows and Joey Mercury weren’t there which was kind of interesting, but not wholly surprising.

The Divas match was okay. I don’t know what it is, I’m just not the biggest Melina fan. She’s very athletic, I’m just not sure I like her style in the ring all the time (especially since she came back). Of course LayCool still exists which is a bummer. But the fact that I hate them means they’re good, right?

The US Title match was fun to watch. I am VERY happy for Daniel Bryan, and it’s exciting to me that a “new” guy has a belt.

Undertaker vs. Kane surprised me a bit. It was probably a better match than I had expected (I think I’d forgotten how badass ‘Taker is, somehow) and it was an exciting one. Did not end how I expected it; I really thought ‘Taker would win. I wonder where this will go from here. But man, seeing The Undertaker really never gets old. And he was staggering in pain all the way up that ramp like the star that he is.

The Tag Champ matches were interesting. The idea of the “Tag Team Turmoil” was a good one, I think, but it didn’t make sense to me that the champs started in the ring. I kind of feel like they should have come in last. They were out quick, too, but I don’t mind watching the Usos at all. The rest of the matches turned out pretty good. I think I like McIntyre and Cody Rhodes as a tag team. They draw big heat, too. Evan Bourne hit that wonderful Shooting Star Press and everyone went absolutely crazy.

The Six-Pack Challenge was actually a really good match. I enjoyed that a lot. Jericho IS the best in the world at what he does. It took him several minutes to get out of the ring and up the ramp, with a priceless look on his face the entire time. It was perfect. There was a pretty good Y2J chant as he was leaving, too. I have to say though that all of the guys worked really well in that match. Timing was great and I don’t remember seeing any big botches or anything (all night, really). The match moved along well, too; there wasn’t much dead space. When Nexus came out, I was so caught up in the whole thing that I was actually surprised for a second, haha. Then I was like…oh right, Nexus. They really didn’t interfere a ton though so for some reason it didn’t make me angry. I just want to see those guys start to wrestle more. Anyway, at one point I had a strong glimmer of hope that Barrett would win the title; how amazing would THAT have been?! I do look at him and see the future of WWE, for sure. He did not disappoint in the match. It was really well done.

After the match Orton was posing for a while before the show went off air. Once it did, he stayed in the ring for a second and posed again, but he was smiling and laughing. Obviously the wrestlers are real people and all, but you really don’t get to see this side of Orton a lot. He stayed out for a while, high-fiving fans all the way around the ring, posing for a couple pictures, and talking to fans. It was just cool to see. I like it when they are genuinely excited to win a belt because it is a big deal and a big privilege.

As I was walking out of the building, I almost walk smack dab into Jim Blaze, the owner of POWW Entertainment, haha. What are the odds there? They were handing out fliers for WrestleRage. He said a lot of people were excited about seeing Demolition there.

All in all a very fun night. Like I said, all the matches seemed to go well for the most part, and the crowd was awesome. VERY mixed reaction for Cena, though, which I think they expected and they brought him out second in the match (vs. last as usual; Orton was last).