Night of Champions post was put up during the beginning hour of RAW! It was a good night.

I’m happy Orton won. He’s pretty much at the top of his game as much as ever; can’t say I’m surprised they gave him the belt. Interesting that the next PPV is two weeks away, yikes. I’ll be interested to see how that works out for them.

HA. DH Smith’s McIntyre impression was pretty funny (and pretty bad). I kind of feel like Natalya should have been there with them, but as the match went on Hart Dynasty’s commentary got better. Whenever I wonder if Santino is annoyed at being only the comic relief vs. a perceived “legitimate” wrestler, I realize he’s probably getting paid enough not to mind too much. Anyway, I’d like to see a Hart Dynasty vs. McIntyre and Cody Rhodes match. I think that could be really fun.

Aw, poor Zack Ryder, so unwanted. But funny!

JERICHO. People were saying last night was his last match…I think there’d be a bit more fanfare, though. Obviously they were wrong. So, they’re saying he’s “denying he ever said he’d leave if he didn’t win the title.” Interesting. I’d like to not get my hopes up that he’s staying, but you really never know I guess.

Cena’s promo was fine; it was a bit odd last night but it wasn’t bad I’d say.

Yeah, I figured Miz wouldn’t shut up just because he lost. Okay, Bryan’s music was HILARIOUS. Good match with Edge. Not a big Alex Riley fan. And the Miz beating Bryan up got old pretty quick….

I wish they used the Womens belt instead of the Divas belt. Too pink and sparkly and stuff. Never should have really started the Divas belt in my opinion, looking back! Um, I kind of missed that match I think. Not sure what happened; probably because it didn’t seem that interesting to me.

Thank the good lord that R-Truth got a new theme song!!!!! Also, DiBiase’s played last night. Odd that I can’t remember his old one already, though I liked it. Eve, if that was a spear, it was the lamest I’ve ever seen. That “romantic” message on the TitanTron was a bit odd….

I love that Wade Barrett just decided to park himself on the announce table. Great stuff. I remember him being pretty good when he started NXT but he’s come really far just in that short time, and I can’t imagine how great he’ll be if he even just keeps this up. Cena’s dropkick again!! He did that last night and it was great. Good for him (I mean that, I’m not being sarcastic). Odds of Cena joining Nexus, anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ending Nexus is a big deal but it has to happen sometimes, it seems like they’re even sick of the run-ins.