Last Friday I’ll be able to watch SmackDown in legit HD for a while I think….still don’t get SyFy. But it’ll work out.

Wow, crowd’s got almost less than nothing for Chris Masters. Not completely surprising since he’s been gone, but still.

Um, I feel like they just had that tag match because nobody actually knew what was going on with the belts or anything. I dunno. The match was fine. I think Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre could turn out to be a good team if they start working together more.

Kaval is fun to watch, and I’ll say again that I’m really happy he’s seemingly become a regular part of the SmackDown roster.

I saw somewhere that Christian needs (or just had?) surgery on a torn pec. If that is the case, having Del Rio “take him out” is a pretty decent idea. Why were people booing the announcement of Mysterio’s return? Probably just weren’t listening do what Del Rio was saying.

Ha, Undertaker kind of looked like how I felt after I wrestled in his little video spots. But honestly? I don’t want to see the fatigued, mentally and physically tortured Undertaker. He’s THE UNDERTAKER. I’m not a child anymore, but some things are sacred; he is a badass and an unstoppable force!! Kind of reminds me of the time I was little and cried because I saw Hogan getting beat up real bad…

You know, a little part of me can’t help but think they slightly dropped the ball on Luke Gallows. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, they didn’t pull the “Festus” angle for that long of a time. I’m surprised they didn’t beat it to death throughout the SES days and not just when they debuted Gallows; that was a REALLY good storyline there. It made him seem powerful, and it made Punk seem powerful. Maybe they figure people don’t remember Festus enough. That is a possibility. So, is Joey Mercury out of the SES, too, or is he just taking the time off for his injury? Hm. Not a bad match. Still surprised (and annoyed) they ignored the disappearance of Serena.

I was thinking the other day about MVP. He was in jail for a long time when he was younger, but he’s obviously turned his life completely around and is now a successful entertainer making, I’m sure, plenty of money. It’s just kind of neat to hear a story like that; you often hear the other side where people just go back to jail or something. Good for him, I respect how hard he must have had to work.

Alright, Vickie in the truck was funny.

OH MY GOD. How did I not see Paul Bearer coming?! This is so exciting.