Hm, a bit of a dilemma with the Bears game being on. I’m not sure yet if I want to watch that or not….football has not been kind to me this weekend. I mean, you know it’s a bad day if Gould misses…ick.

The tag match was pretty good; Riley’s not really a terrible wrestler. I need to see more of him wrestling to make a decision, though. The triple-threat submissions count anywhere is interesting. I could have dealt with one or the other, really, but that could be neat.

Tamina looked very powerful in the match. Eve looked kinda rough. YES. Natalya is number one contender!!! This is wonderful news.

Okay, the graphic of the computer GM being a guest on The Cutting Edge was hilarious.

Uh, Maryse got her French wrong…? She said “last week” when she was speaking French, but translated it as “next” week (which makes a lot more sense, haha). I’ll be interested to see how that one works out.

Remember that one time Singh was mad at Khali? That obviously went nowhere (nor do I think it probably should have). OUCH. That handprint on Sheamus did look painful, though. I know he’s pasty white and all, but still.

Oh no. This voice is happening. It’s reminding me of an episode of CSI where a kidnapper is dressed in a creepy bunny mask….so that’s all I can picture right now haha. Edge’s Lohan comment was a good one, though. RAW’s been having a lot of middle-of-the-card main events lately; usually SmackDown does that but I’ve noticed it a lot on Mondays lately. Match was alright. Cena seemed…not as fluid as I would like I guess. Timing was just very slightly off or something, but it wasn’t horrible. I did enjoy Edge attacking the computer. It was just the side of ridiculous that made it fun.

Nice, finally got Bourne in a match with Justin Gabriel. Gabriel was kicking his leg a little early when Henry was hitting him, but the match went really well overall. Great working having both of the “high flyers” hit their finishers, though, man. That definitely needed to happen, regardless of who won. Gosh, I remember when I didn’t like Tarver. Now they hand him a mic and I almost turn the volume up on my TV. Otunga’s promo was mostly good, and Barrett was a star as always. I thought having those 3 cut promos while the other 2 wrestled was a great way to give everyone time without overloading mic time or anything.

Hm, I hope Hart Dyansty vs. Rhodes/McIntyre doesn’t turn into Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme before. Every day for MONTHS, haha. Not that I really mind these matches, they’re usually good, but I want to see more tag teams out there. I’ll have to say, though, watching DH Smith hitting all those throws and stuff does not get old. I like Cross Rhodes a lot, as well. Come on, man, don’t go breaking up Hart Dynasty. We need them.

Okay, Jericho is hilarious and good at wrestling promos. That match was really great. All the reversals towards the end and stuff just worked out really nicely. Thanks Sheamus for being a jerk and (almost) ruining it. And then Jericho out of nowhere! Then an RKO! Great stuff, my friends. Can’t say I expected him to hit the punt, though. Wonder how this will play into things.