October 2010

Happy Halloween, ladies and gents! Sadly my epic Hulk Hogan costume of last year won’t be repeated (though at this point, I’d be a little embarrassed…). In other random news, Jeff Hardy’s girlfriend had a healthy baby girl this week.

WOW Del Rio made an entrance for sure. I’m not entirely sure why Edge came out, but I always like seeing him in big feuds.

Another great match with Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. I wouldn’t mind seeing that another time or two, which seems likely.

Gosh Kaval is cool. I thought he and Swagger worked really well together, actually. Sometimes the high flyer vs. classical wrestler doesn’t work great, but they both seemed diverse enough skill-wise that it was a good match.

Alicia Fox took some neat bumps, one especially from the Bella dressed as Robin. The same Bella hit a nice dropkick, too. Why isn’t Kelly Kelly good at wrestling yet. I mean, she didn’t look terrible today, just not really GOOD.

Kofi! I’ve missed him, I feel like I haven’t seen him do much lately.

The main event was really good, I liked it a lot. Del Rio fit right in with the other two, which is great to see. Mysterio seems to have to adjust his braces/pads a lot, though. I’m glad Edge won though, I think timing for that is good and I’m sure he’ll have a great match with Kane.

Putting my quick SD post here because….it’ll be quick, haha. Sorry, had way less time for anything this weekend than I thought. Things should be better now though.

The 6-man tag match was nothing spectacular, but it was fine.

I still find Cody Rhodes’s grooming tips amusing.

I was pretty excited about the Edge/CM Punk match. A lot of it was slower-paced than I would have liked (or expected) but nothing went wrong in it, that’s for sure. Seeing the Big Show run and slide into the ring never gets old…but I could have done without ALL of them hitting finishers. I mean it wasn’t terrible, just…eh. They did hype the brand “war” pretty well though I guess.

Natalya can hit some really cool throws and stuff. The rest of that…whatever it was was kind of just disgusting.

Kane/Orton was about what I expected, not bad. I liked Undertaker coming out of the canvas. Pretty great.

I didn’t watch Bragging Rights but have a general idea what went on. Did anyone who saw it have any opinions on overall quality and stuff?

Okey doke, time for RAW.

Weird as hell to me that Cena and Otunga are tag champs. If we couldn’t take the division seriously before….I’m not saying I can’t take them or their wrestling seriously, but as a team, man, I don’t know. Also, what in the world do they have to do with ‘Taker. Annoying.

Heard that Dolph and Bryan put on an amazing match last night. If this one was any indication, what I heard was certainly correct. Oo, Bryan vs. Punk coming up maybe? That could go really well, too.

Okay, well, Eve’s USC education (ew) did do something good; that was a well-spoken promo at least. She got words out a lot better than a lot of them can. Less annoying than Riley, for sure…until Truth came out, ugh. You know, I guess some of his moves look exciting or something. But I just can’t help but think that every time I see him a lot of his movements (including fairly basic ones) are not fluid enough and are too slow and just rough looking. Almost like he needs to get more of a solid foundation in stuff instead of trying to spin and all…which he is good at, so that makes it (him) solely a gimmick.

I might have had a small urge to punch Toby Keith in the face. But that might have more to do with Packers hatred. Or the fact that he couldn’t open his eyes, or that it seemed like he had no idea what he was doing when discussing wrestling. Anywho.

They’re doing a lot with the Stand Up for WWE stuff. If I find the time I’d like to write a post about it. I thought the interviews they showed were really cool, and I think those words were largely legitimate.

OH WOW, Harris and McGillicutty in Nexus officially?! Whoa who saw that one coming. Probably a good move actually.

Remember when they ended the Cena/Orton rivalry? I know this is different and all. I’m still not too keen on the slavedriver thing Nexus/Barrett has goin’ on.

New Bragging Rights trophy randomly. Looks like a fake Stanley Cup (woo Chicago!). Anyway, pretty good work bringing Ezekiel Jackson back (also random). I really don’t remember if I like him or not wrestling-wise, but I’m curious as to what they’ll do with his persona this time around.

Did not expect to see McIntyre in red. But I think Natalya should slap both Kidd and DH Smith in the face to get them in line. Really don’t like this breaking-up-Hart-Dynasty storyline. Maybe Bret Hart should knock sense into them or something.

Goldust is such a weird gimmick, but he’s been wrestling great lately. I still enjoy seeing Zack Ryder, but I’d like him to have a real match to see how he’s wrestling.

Harris and McGillicutty or Rotundo and Hennig? The everlasting question. I thought McGillicutty looked pretty good. Harris was fine, I can’t say I was overly impressed…I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad wrestler, just not my favorite style. Aaaand Nexus beatdown with helpless Cena. I tolerated the beatdowns much better when there was no helpless Cena looking on, I must admit.

Ziggler on the mic! Been a while. He was entertaining. I had this moment of panic when Bryan challenged him that they were going to unify the US and IC titles. I think that would be a bad decision. And then Divas out of nowhere. Seriously, what was that. Except Bryan dancing, that was amusing.

Natalya for champ! But, more importantly, Natalya for destroying LayCool. I really don’t know how that match will turn out. I’d like to say Natalya will win, but at the same time this is basically the first time anyone has gotten offense in against LayCool so they might try to keep them “dominant.”

Teddy Long kind of was getting on my nerves tonight. Hornswoggle beating Cole up was freaking GREAT. Wow, suplexing Big Show is always a feat for sure. It looked good though. I thought the ending of that battle royal was actually pretty fun to watch. And I think it’s a really great touch that Miz put “C”s on his shirt and trunks. That is just a really nice job gimmick-wise. Slightly sick of Barrett acting like a pre-Civil War-era slave owner, but he does look like he’s having fun with this which is nice.

This Stand up for WWE campaign is a really great idea I think. If anyone hasn’t seen it, basically since Linda McMahon is running for Senate there have been a LOT of negative ads concerning WWE. Vince posted a video and asked people to “Stand up for WWE.” It’s supposed to be a social networking thing for the most part, but the idea is to “tell the truth” about WWE and its programming. JR said something great earlier today on Twitter: “I’m offended as a wrestling fan to hear main stream media knock my profession. I’ve heard it all my life. Biz’s not perfect. What is?” I thought that basically summed it up. Sure, WWE isn’t perfect. But the people who knock it do seem to ignore the Wellness Policy and stuff (which itself may not be perfect, but you can tell they really do try with that. Fully funded rehab even for guys working in TNA right now.).
Anyway, I guess the point is that I’m a little sick, too, of people badmouthing pro wrestling just because it’s pro wrestling. I also find it interesting that Vince himself is getting involved, but it is a really great idea for him to do so I think.

Yeah, that opening shot of ‘Taker on some part of the arena was pretty cool.

They Mysterio/Rhodes match was pretty solid. Didn’t excite me a ton but I certainly don’t have any qualms about it.

Hornswoggle is actually kind of entertaining me. Weird. But Kaval did a great job in that promo with Big Show.

Paul Bearer is a lot of fun to watch, it is really cool that he’s back. Not sure how I feel about the Kane/Taker feud going on THIS long, but with brining Bearer and the urn in it’s better. But as we’ve seen, it’s been done a lot before. The good news is that the matches are still really good, as are the promos.

Ha, that damn eagle mascot. I would have liked them to let MVP fight a bit more, but whatever.

I do love Del Rio’s cars. Real super shocking that he beat Masters there, hm? Haha, good match though even if it was short. But Big Show really is great on the mic, even when he’s being serious vs. funny.

I like that Edge is going back to his old look a bit. Good memories I guess, haha. Damn. He and Ziggler had a SPECTACULAR match. Seriously, one of my favorites in a while probably. If anybody needed proof that Ziggler can handle being in main event-level matches, there it is. Awesome. Matches like that easily remind me why I love wrestling. (Side note, Trent Baretta and Curt Hawkins had a really impressive match on Superstars that I would highly recommend checking out.)

I was scared they were just going to bury Kaval there with Big Show, but I’m glad it didn’t quite happen that way. I have to say I’m really glad to see Tyler Reks back! Don’t know who remembers him, but he was on SmackDown (after ECW) not long ago with a ‘surfer dude’ gimmick; debuted with Yoshi Tatsu. I was impressed by his wrestling back then so I’m happy to see him back. Hope they keep him around this time, we’ll see how this character goes.

Kofi being on the team is a good choice as well. I have to say that overall SmackDown’s looking stronger so far.

I feel like Kane’s cheap heat by calling the crowd failures is completely unnecessary, making it super annoying. Fans already hate him for hurting ‘Taker, he doesn’t need to have lame “dead-end job” lines. I had kind of not been terribly interested in the whole deal until that sweet bolt of lighting ‘Taker sent over. Thought it destroyed the urn for a second, but no…should be an interesting match.

In other news, Matt Hardy was released from the WWE today. It seems like a very complicated situation there, I’m not really sure how it went down. I would not be totally surprised to see him in TNA, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he didn’t and decided to do something completely different.

Ha, that “Miz: More obnoxious than a vuvuzela” sign was funny.

Okay, I don’t necessarily think Eve is a bad dancer. I just think her having to dance on top of/coming down the ramp seems awkward. I’d also much prefer Truth’s theme song without him rapping live.

I like Kidd and Morrison working together a lot. That finisher was insane. In a really good way. Still don’t support them tearing Hart Dynasty apart, though. Unless they’re trying to turn one or both of them heel, I don’t see the point; you can still have a member of a tag team compete in a singles match with no real issues.

If they want people to shell out the money to buy this PPV (3rd in 5 or 6 weeks it’ll be?), they need some bigger names than those first three on Team Raw. They are big names, sure, but I’m not sure those alone will be enough of an incentive for people (the economy sucks, if you don’t remember).

Justin Gabriel and Orton had a good, exciting match. Gabriel looked pretty good, I just would have liked a touch more fluidity in some spots (but that’s personal preference and me being picky). I’m still not entirely sure Gabriel was supposed to get any part of Orton in that 450, though the way Orton played it off made it look like it was planned even if it wasn’t. Also, Orton looked powerful in that match. Sometimes the matches don’t show how strong he is and I kind of forget, haha.

Watching Sheamus destroy Bryan did nothing for me.

That promo with Truth and Cena was annoying. Was he (Truth) not paying attention this week or last?

I was excited to see Evan Bourne. Then Punk to RAW! Neat. I actually think that’s a good move right now…I’m not sure exactly where he’ll fit on RAW but I think he was slightly done with SmackDown at the moment. And honestly I think the beatdown at the end was for those who don’t watch SD and couldn’t remember how much they’re supposed to hate Punk, haha.

Whoa, time out! A Diva promo?! Guess they noticed that Natalya can like, wrestle and stuff. Ha, I enjoyed the Divas at the top of the ramp. Where has Gail Kim been lately? Last I checked she didn’t suck…

For some reason I had no interest in the last match. It just didn’t catch my attention I guess. Can’t decide if I think bringing McGillicutty and Harris in is really cool or just kinda predictable and annoying. All of the above, maybe. That tag match next week could be interesting for sure. Man, Barrett is good. But don’t worry, kids, Cena will overcome impossible odds soon enough.

Alright, I miss the old theme song badly. I liked that song a lot. Green Day just doesn’t seem hard-hitting enough for me.
Ratings last week weren’t what they expected, apparently. I don’t necessarily think the show was bad. Maybe not enough people get the damned channel they chose.

The 3-man announce team could be interesting….

I certainly don’t mind seeing Edge twice in one week! Oh man, that freaking mascot Swagger has. It reminds me of those old “It must be Eagle Man!” insurance commercials. Classic. The match was good, though, I enjoyed it.

I cannot wait for Natalya to beat some LayCool ass. Kelly sure won’t do that any time soon. Though she did not look terrible or useless in her match, which was good.

Big Show makes me laugh every week.

Kaval tagging with Kofi, good choice. Fun match!

Paul Bearer was spot on with his promo/intro thing. Kane did a great job, as well. He’s certainly not making any friends.

Ziggler and MVP had a really great match. They both looked spectacular and pulled off some really neat moves. The Kaitlyn thing is kind of dumb though.

Wow, and another great match with Del Rio and Mysterio. This is crazy! Anyway, I’m still extremely impressed with how Del Rio looks in the ring, and with his promos. Ricardo did a good job as well. Also, I never considered myself the biggest Mysterio fan but I enjoyed watching him wrestle tonight.

If the ratings for this show aren’t good, you have to know something is up with the channel, because that was a really solid SmackDown in my opinion. I thought the 3 announcers worked out really well, actually.

Sorry I didn’t get a SmackDown post up. I watched it late last night; thought it was pretty good overall, maybe a little too much of a RAW feel but I understand that they were trying to open strong on a new network. I thought parts of the Punk/Taker match were spectacular. Del Rio with the dog in the wrestling mask was beyond brilliant.

Man, I want Cena in a Nexus shirt bad. I’m pretty shocked he lost, honestly. Very interesting. Evan Bourne is basically a badass, though. I have to say Cena was amusing. Although Nexus not coming out to stop Cena was kind of not believable; they obviously don’t want to attack “one of their own,” but 1. he hardly is and 2. he was beating up Tarver, who certainly is with them. Other than that, though, I thought that whole thing was long but went well.
Not surprising, but pretty smart bringing in Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

I can’t even say anything about the “Divas match” because it lasted all of 7 seconds. But it was a good few seconds, at least.

Pretty cool that Bryan kept the title last night. His new trunks look good as well…though I noticed the nameplate was hanging off of the belt, haha. Still don’t like that Celtic Cross move Sheamus does. Also, are we going to have a real match tonight? An hour in and no go (except a few minutes of Bourne, I guess).

I do enjoy Edge’s “stupid” crusade. I like Edge on SmackDown, actually. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just used to it, but it seems like it fits. And I like heel Cole, he’s fun. Can’t say I didn’t want him speared, though. Glad Miz is wearing a suit again though, it fits his character (and he’s wearing pants, which I know some people appreciate!). Wondering if this will be a full Edge face turn, we’ll have to see. Certainly seems that way so far, but I feel like they have Edge do whatever they want and it works.

Wow, only 3 weeks until the next PPV, and it was only 2 weeks between the last two. They are cranking these out like crazy. Not sure if that’s the smartest given the current economic situation and all, but hey.

Okay, giving Michelle and Layla body mics was a TERRIBLE idea. My ears were bleeding I think. And I really don’t see the goal of that.

I figured out it was Goldust right after the “you” popped up! Ha, funny stuff. Such a weird character.

I really do love the pictures of all the Superstars with Make A Wish. It’s just great to see.

I still wish Cena was in a shirt, but him coming out with Nexus was a great moment. I don’t know why I’m enjoying that haha but it just….is different, I guess. Bourne was out a bit too quickly for my liking but I guess that’s expected. Orton’s appearance was brief but impactful, I’d say.

Not a ton of wrestling tonight, but I thought the storylines went well and stuff wasn’t super ridiculous like it has been in the past.