Sorry I didn’t get a SmackDown post up. I watched it late last night; thought it was pretty good overall, maybe a little too much of a RAW feel but I understand that they were trying to open strong on a new network. I thought parts of the Punk/Taker match were spectacular. Del Rio with the dog in the wrestling mask was beyond brilliant.

Man, I want Cena in a Nexus shirt bad. I’m pretty shocked he lost, honestly. Very interesting. Evan Bourne is basically a badass, though. I have to say Cena was amusing. Although Nexus not coming out to stop Cena was kind of not believable; they obviously don’t want to attack “one of their own,” but 1. he hardly is and 2. he was beating up Tarver, who certainly is with them. Other than that, though, I thought that whole thing was long but went well.
Not surprising, but pretty smart bringing in Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

I can’t even say anything about the “Divas match” because it lasted all of 7 seconds. But it was a good few seconds, at least.

Pretty cool that Bryan kept the title last night. His new trunks look good as well…though I noticed the nameplate was hanging off of the belt, haha. Still don’t like that Celtic Cross move Sheamus does. Also, are we going to have a real match tonight? An hour in and no go (except a few minutes of Bourne, I guess).

I do enjoy Edge’s “stupid” crusade. I like Edge on SmackDown, actually. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just used to it, but it seems like it fits. And I like heel Cole, he’s fun. Can’t say I didn’t want him speared, though. Glad Miz is wearing a suit again though, it fits his character (and he’s wearing pants, which I know some people appreciate!). Wondering if this will be a full Edge face turn, we’ll have to see. Certainly seems that way so far, but I feel like they have Edge do whatever they want and it works.

Wow, only 3 weeks until the next PPV, and it was only 2 weeks between the last two. They are cranking these out like crazy. Not sure if that’s the smartest given the current economic situation and all, but hey.

Okay, giving Michelle and Layla body mics was a TERRIBLE idea. My ears were bleeding I think. And I really don’t see the goal of that.

I figured out it was Goldust right after the “you” popped up! Ha, funny stuff. Such a weird character.

I really do love the pictures of all the Superstars with Make A Wish. It’s just great to see.

I still wish Cena was in a shirt, but him coming out with Nexus was a great moment. I don’t know why I’m enjoying that haha but it just….is different, I guess. Bourne was out a bit too quickly for my liking but I guess that’s expected. Orton’s appearance was brief but impactful, I’d say.

Not a ton of wrestling tonight, but I thought the storylines went well and stuff wasn’t super ridiculous like it has been in the past.