Alright, I miss the old theme song badly. I liked that song a lot. Green Day just doesn’t seem hard-hitting enough for me.
Ratings last week weren’t what they expected, apparently. I don’t necessarily think the show was bad. Maybe not enough people get the damned channel they chose.

The 3-man announce team could be interesting….

I certainly don’t mind seeing Edge twice in one week! Oh man, that freaking mascot Swagger has. It reminds me of those old “It must be Eagle Man!” insurance commercials. Classic. The match was good, though, I enjoyed it.

I cannot wait for Natalya to beat some LayCool ass. Kelly sure won’t do that any time soon. Though she did not look terrible or useless in her match, which was good.

Big Show makes me laugh every week.

Kaval tagging with Kofi, good choice. Fun match!

Paul Bearer was spot on with his promo/intro thing. Kane did a great job, as well. He’s certainly not making any friends.

Ziggler and MVP had a really great match. They both looked spectacular and pulled off some really neat moves. The Kaitlyn thing is kind of dumb though.

Wow, and another great match with Del Rio and Mysterio. This is crazy! Anyway, I’m still extremely impressed with how Del Rio looks in the ring, and with his promos. Ricardo did a good job as well. Also, I never considered myself the biggest Mysterio fan but I enjoyed watching him wrestle tonight.

If the ratings for this show aren’t good, you have to know something is up with the channel, because that was a really solid SmackDown in my opinion. I thought the 3 announcers worked out really well, actually.