Ha, that “Miz: More obnoxious than a vuvuzela” sign was funny.

Okay, I don’t necessarily think Eve is a bad dancer. I just think her having to dance on top of/coming down the ramp seems awkward. I’d also much prefer Truth’s theme song without him rapping live.

I like Kidd and Morrison working together a lot. That finisher was insane. In a really good way. Still don’t support them tearing Hart Dynasty apart, though. Unless they’re trying to turn one or both of them heel, I don’t see the point; you can still have a member of a tag team compete in a singles match with no real issues.

If they want people to shell out the money to buy this PPV (3rd in 5 or 6 weeks it’ll be?), they need some bigger names than those first three on Team Raw. They are big names, sure, but I’m not sure those alone will be enough of an incentive for people (the economy sucks, if you don’t remember).

Justin Gabriel and Orton had a good, exciting match. Gabriel looked pretty good, I just would have liked a touch more fluidity in some spots (but that’s personal preference and me being picky). I’m still not entirely sure Gabriel was supposed to get any part of Orton in that 450, though the way Orton played it off made it look like it was planned even if it wasn’t. Also, Orton looked powerful in that match. Sometimes the matches don’t show how strong he is and I kind of forget, haha.

Watching Sheamus destroy Bryan did nothing for me.

That promo with Truth and Cena was annoying. Was he (Truth) not paying attention this week or last?

I was excited to see Evan Bourne. Then Punk to RAW! Neat. I actually think that’s a good move right now…I’m not sure exactly where he’ll fit on RAW but I think he was slightly done with SmackDown at the moment. And honestly I think the beatdown at the end was for those who don’t watch SD and couldn’t remember how much they’re supposed to hate Punk, haha.

Whoa, time out! A Diva promo?! Guess they noticed that Natalya can like, wrestle and stuff. Ha, I enjoyed the Divas at the top of the ramp. Where has Gail Kim been lately? Last I checked she didn’t suck…

For some reason I had no interest in the last match. It just didn’t catch my attention I guess. Can’t decide if I think bringing McGillicutty and Harris in is really cool or just kinda predictable and annoying. All of the above, maybe. That tag match next week could be interesting for sure. Man, Barrett is good. But don’t worry, kids, Cena will overcome impossible odds soon enough.