Yeah, that opening shot of ‘Taker on some part of the arena was pretty cool.

They Mysterio/Rhodes match was pretty solid. Didn’t excite me a ton but I certainly don’t have any qualms about it.

Hornswoggle is actually kind of entertaining me. Weird. But Kaval did a great job in that promo with Big Show.

Paul Bearer is a lot of fun to watch, it is really cool that he’s back. Not sure how I feel about the Kane/Taker feud going on THIS long, but with brining Bearer and the urn in it’s better. But as we’ve seen, it’s been done a lot before. The good news is that the matches are still really good, as are the promos.

Ha, that damn eagle mascot. I would have liked them to let MVP fight a bit more, but whatever.

I do love Del Rio’s cars. Real super shocking that he beat Masters there, hm? Haha, good match though even if it was short. But Big Show really is great on the mic, even when he’s being serious vs. funny.

I like that Edge is going back to his old look a bit. Good memories I guess, haha. Damn. He and Ziggler had a SPECTACULAR match. Seriously, one of my favorites in a while probably. If anybody needed proof that Ziggler can handle being in main event-level matches, there it is. Awesome. Matches like that easily remind me why I love wrestling. (Side note, Trent Baretta and Curt Hawkins had a really impressive match on Superstars that I would highly recommend checking out.)

I was scared they were just going to bury Kaval there with Big Show, but I’m glad it didn’t quite happen that way. I have to say I’m really glad to see Tyler Reks back! Don’t know who remembers him, but he was on SmackDown (after ECW) not long ago with a ‘surfer dude’ gimmick; debuted with Yoshi Tatsu. I was impressed by his wrestling back then so I’m happy to see him back. Hope they keep him around this time, we’ll see how this character goes.

Kofi being on the team is a good choice as well. I have to say that overall SmackDown’s looking stronger so far.

I feel like Kane’s cheap heat by calling the crowd failures is completely unnecessary, making it super annoying. Fans already hate him for hurting ‘Taker, he doesn’t need to have lame “dead-end job” lines. I had kind of not been terribly interested in the whole deal until that sweet bolt of lighting ‘Taker sent over. Thought it destroyed the urn for a second, but no…should be an interesting match.

In other news, Matt Hardy was released from the WWE today. It seems like a very complicated situation there, I’m not really sure how it went down. I would not be totally surprised to see him in TNA, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he didn’t and decided to do something completely different.