New Bragging Rights trophy randomly. Looks like a fake Stanley Cup (woo Chicago!). Anyway, pretty good work bringing Ezekiel Jackson back (also random). I really don’t remember if I like him or not wrestling-wise, but I’m curious as to what they’ll do with his persona this time around.

Did not expect to see McIntyre in red. But I think Natalya should slap both Kidd and DH Smith in the face to get them in line. Really don’t like this breaking-up-Hart-Dynasty storyline. Maybe Bret Hart should knock sense into them or something.

Goldust is such a weird gimmick, but he’s been wrestling great lately. I still enjoy seeing Zack Ryder, but I’d like him to have a real match to see how he’s wrestling.

Harris and McGillicutty or Rotundo and Hennig? The everlasting question. I thought McGillicutty looked pretty good. Harris was fine, I can’t say I was overly impressed…I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad wrestler, just not my favorite style. Aaaand Nexus beatdown with helpless Cena. I tolerated the beatdowns much better when there was no helpless Cena looking on, I must admit.

Ziggler on the mic! Been a while. He was entertaining. I had this moment of panic when Bryan challenged him that they were going to unify the US and IC titles. I think that would be a bad decision. And then Divas out of nowhere. Seriously, what was that. Except Bryan dancing, that was amusing.

Natalya for champ! But, more importantly, Natalya for destroying LayCool. I really don’t know how that match will turn out. I’d like to say Natalya will win, but at the same time this is basically the first time anyone has gotten offense in against LayCool so they might try to keep them “dominant.”

Teddy Long kind of was getting on my nerves tonight. Hornswoggle beating Cole up was freaking GREAT. Wow, suplexing Big Show is always a feat for sure. It looked good though. I thought the ending of that battle royal was actually pretty fun to watch. And I think it’s a really great touch that Miz put “C”s on his shirt and trunks. That is just a really nice job gimmick-wise. Slightly sick of Barrett acting like a pre-Civil War-era slave owner, but he does look like he’s having fun with this which is nice.

This Stand up for WWE campaign is a really great idea I think. If anyone hasn’t seen it, basically since Linda McMahon is running for Senate there have been a LOT of negative ads concerning WWE. Vince posted a video and asked people to “Stand up for WWE.” It’s supposed to be a social networking thing for the most part, but the idea is to “tell the truth” about WWE and its programming. JR said something great earlier today on Twitter: “I’m offended as a wrestling fan to hear main stream media knock my profession. I’ve heard it all my life. Biz’s not perfect. What is?” I thought that basically summed it up. Sure, WWE isn’t perfect. But the people who knock it do seem to ignore the Wellness Policy and stuff (which itself may not be perfect, but you can tell they really do try with that. Fully funded rehab even for guys working in TNA right now.).
Anyway, I guess the point is that I’m a little sick, too, of people badmouthing pro wrestling just because it’s pro wrestling. I also find it interesting that Vince himself is getting involved, but it is a really great idea for him to do so I think.