Putting my quick SD post here because….it’ll be quick, haha. Sorry, had way less time for anything this weekend than I thought. Things should be better now though.

The 6-man tag match was nothing spectacular, but it was fine.

I still find Cody Rhodes’s grooming tips amusing.

I was pretty excited about the Edge/CM Punk match. A lot of it was slower-paced than I would have liked (or expected) but nothing went wrong in it, that’s for sure. Seeing the Big Show run and slide into the ring never gets old…but I could have done without ALL of them hitting finishers. I mean it wasn’t terrible, just…eh. They did hype the brand “war” pretty well though I guess.

Natalya can hit some really cool throws and stuff. The rest of that…whatever it was was kind of just disgusting.

Kane/Orton was about what I expected, not bad. I liked Undertaker coming out of the canvas. Pretty great.

I didn’t watch Bragging Rights but have a general idea what went on. Did anyone who saw it have any opinions on overall quality and stuff?

Okey doke, time for RAW.

Weird as hell to me that Cena and Otunga are tag champs. If we couldn’t take the division seriously before….I’m not saying I can’t take them or their wrestling seriously, but as a team, man, I don’t know. Also, what in the world do they have to do with ‘Taker. Annoying.

Heard that Dolph and Bryan put on an amazing match last night. If this one was any indication, what I heard was certainly correct. Oo, Bryan vs. Punk coming up maybe? That could go really well, too.

Okay, well, Eve’s USC education (ew) did do something good; that was a well-spoken promo at least. She got words out a lot better than a lot of them can. Less annoying than Riley, for sure…until Truth came out, ugh. You know, I guess some of his moves look exciting or something. But I just can’t help but think that every time I see him a lot of his movements (including fairly basic ones) are not fluid enough and are too slow and just rough looking. Almost like he needs to get more of a solid foundation in stuff instead of trying to spin and all…which he is good at, so that makes it (him) solely a gimmick.

I might have had a small urge to punch Toby Keith in the face. But that might have more to do with Packers hatred. Or the fact that he couldn’t open his eyes, or that it seemed like he had no idea what he was doing when discussing wrestling. Anywho.

They’re doing a lot with the Stand Up for WWE stuff. If I find the time I’d like to write a post about it. I thought the interviews they showed were really cool, and I think those words were largely legitimate.

OH WOW, Harris and McGillicutty in Nexus officially?! Whoa who saw that one coming. Probably a good move actually.

Remember when they ended the Cena/Orton rivalry? I know this is different and all. I’m still not too keen on the slavedriver thing Nexus/Barrett has goin’ on.