Happy Halloween, ladies and gents! Sadly my epic Hulk Hogan costume of last year won’t be repeated (though at this point, I’d be a little embarrassed…). In other random news, Jeff Hardy’s girlfriend had a healthy baby girl this week.

WOW Del Rio made an entrance for sure. I’m not entirely sure why Edge came out, but I always like seeing him in big feuds.

Another great match with Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. I wouldn’t mind seeing that another time or two, which seems likely.

Gosh Kaval is cool. I thought he and Swagger worked really well together, actually. Sometimes the high flyer vs. classical wrestler doesn’t work great, but they both seemed diverse enough skill-wise that it was a good match.

Alicia Fox took some neat bumps, one especially from the Bella dressed as Robin. The same Bella hit a nice dropkick, too. Why isn’t Kelly Kelly good at wrestling yet. I mean, she didn’t look terrible today, just not really GOOD.

Kofi! I’ve missed him, I feel like I haven’t seen him do much lately.

The main event was really good, I liked it a lot. Del Rio fit right in with the other two, which is great to see. Mysterio seems to have to adjust his braces/pads a lot, though. I’m glad Edge won though, I think timing for that is good and I’m sure he’ll have a great match with Kane.