November 2010

Gooood match with Del Rio and Daniel Bryan! Future of the company, ladies and gents. I’d have to say, though: Bryan is the “submission master” and all. I don’t have a problem with him tapping out, but I think he should have tried to hang on a bit longer. Just didn’t work for me.

Can I say also that Colt Cabana’s “I (Jewish Star) Colt” shirt is one of my favorite things ever?

I just remembered randomly the time when they brought the throne out for Seamus to sit on as he was watching some match. Ridiculous foreshadowing? But I did think it was overkill then. (I just checked, it was August 23 of this year.)

Cody Rhodes and John Morrison had a good match that I admit I didn’t pay as much attention to as I should have. That’s not the match’s fault, though, it was mine this time.

Um, why does Miz not know how to use “nothing/anything” all of the sudden? It’s driving me crazy. But Jerry Lawler can still cut promos and make people love him dearly.

Morrison and Del Rio’s match was kinda short, but I could see those two having some good matches in the future if necessary. Whatever that means.

The wrestling in the Divas match was quite good. I like this new trend.

Hm, DiBiase with a little scruff on his face works really well. Makes him look meaner. So does him freaking out.

Hm, you know, it actually makes a ton of sense having Miss America crown the winner. Pretty girl whose job it is to make random public appearances (more or less), and a crown. Also she didn’t sound completely lost like some other guest host-types, so that is good. Good match with Morrison and Sheamus, though, I really enjoyed it actually (much more than I thought I would). Man, some of those guys had rough nights.

You know what was fun about tonight’s RAW? I had no idea who was going to win King of the Ring. I really didn’t.

Why does Miz still have the briefcase? Dumb. I wasn’t sure if Jerry’s knee was healed enough to wrestle but apparently it is! That’s good. (Go Bears.) So, yeah. At first I thought this match was awesome because hell, it’s King. But I got really sick of Miz beating on him for no reason. I mean, the point is to make us hate him, but I was just really annoyed with the whole thing. Man, Punk did a good job with commentary on that, though, especially when he was the only one there. That could have bombed haha but it went fine. But man, King beating Cole up was better than him winning the title would have been!! That did end up being kinda neat, though.

Okay, here’s the deal. I thought it was beyond weird as hell that Cena was retiring. I’m not going to say I knew for sure he was coming back (not so soon!), but I couldn’t fully convince myself he was really gone. I actually saw a but of a spoiler concerning this matter but I won’t post that here so people can be surprised!

Almost Slammy time! Man, these 3-hour RAWs are piling up.

Sorry for the delay again, holidays and such! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Yeah, Kane’s promo…not so sure. A friend said the end (right before Edge came out) sounded exactly like Jack Swagger, and I can’t say he’s wrong.

Get rid of the eagle, please! Good match with Kofi and Swagger, though. I really didn’t know who would win, either, so that’s always fun. Lasted a good long while, too, which worked out because those two were able to make it a GOOD match for the entire duration of it.

Edge is still pretty creepy and all, but Paul Bearer really does play his part super well.

I thought MVP and Drew McIntyre had a pretty good match. He really got MVP on his head in that DDT.

Well, hm, after that segment with Hornswoggle, maybe the eagle mascot IS gone…

Hey, Kelly Kelly had a nice counter at the end of the match there. But can I say once again how excited I am that Beth Phoenix is back?!

Del Rio standing at the announce table was perfect for his gimmick, that guy really is a great villain. He’s really impressed me already. Mysterio and Rhodes had a good match as well I thought. I actually have been enjoying watching Rey wrestle a lot lately (I don’t always love his character but he’s always had talent in the ring, I just have been enjoying seeing him more after he was gone for a bit I think).

I am jealous that they can be outside in a t-shirt (or in Kane’s case, half naked) right now. It’s cold in Chicago and stuff.

I didn’t watch the PPV last night…Not sure if I will or not.
I am SO happy that Natalya won the Divas title. AND Beth Phoenix came back!! Best night for the Women’s Division ever? Maybe.

Really, I’m pretty shocked about this Cena thing. Look at Barrett come out and create even MORE heat somehow!!

Hell. Yes. CM Punk. He is hilarious (if any of you have watched Superstars or even NXT at all.) (Also I’ve heard he’s rehabbing an injury which is why he’s doing this and not wrestling.) Neat that they’re doing King of the Ring again, I was wondering about that.

Um, did they finally decide R-Truth’s new song isn’t PG enough or something? Weird. I still hate that Celtic Cross move, but the rest of the match was fine. I expected Sheamus to win.

I forgot Riley got arrested for DUI the other day. And I enjoy Punk’s references to that fact hahaha. Not surprised Ezekiel Jackson won, but I would have been shocked if he’d beaten Miz.

I can’t believe this Cena promo is happening. Like, I did not expect this right now, what is going on. I mean, sure, he’s not exactly a new guy but jeez. I’d kind of expect this at ‘Mania though, you know? This is actually pretty sad to watch because everything I’ve heard says he cares about this so much, and you can tell. His chant was funny, though. How are you supposed to follow this though! I mean really.

Good Divas match, which isn’t surprising considering who was involved. I don’t know that Alicia Fox gets enough credit…but a lot of the good ones don’t.

Hm, they made Tyson Kidd’s music an evil version of the Hart Dynasty music. I like it. That was a good match, lots of energy and fun to watch, and those guys both have a lot of talent.

I read that WWE might have fired one of the refs, Aaron Mahoney. He’s still on the website, but I didn’t see him tonight (though sometimes they’re not all used anyway). Saw a new one I didn’t recognize trying to fend off Nexus though. Hmph.

Whoa time out. When I heard Miz’s music, I was like OH come on! WAIT. I forgot he had the briefcase. That got interesting quick. So…yeah. I’m okay with it as long as he’s a good champion.

Sorry for the delay. posted yesterday that Shad Gaspard, Luke Gallows, Vance Archer, Caylen Croft, Tiffany, and Jillian were released.
Let’s start with Croft: What the hell?? The Dudebusters are a damn good tag team (though of course that doesn’t matter much right now, does it). Trent Beretta wrestled alone on Superstars this week, but they did mention that he’s in a tag team. I didn’t think Croft was like severely inferior or anything, so this one is very odd to me.
Shad…not surprised, he’s been missing lately. As has Tiffany (which is kind of a shame, since she can actually put on a good match). Jillian too.
Vance Archer. This seems kind of odd I guess, but not too surprising. He was a tag team with Curt Hawkins, but got beat up by him, so I can kind of see it coming. I didn’t really have a problem with him though (odd tattoos, though).
Finally, Gallows. Yeah…I don’t know. It seems like they just didn’t have a spot for him. CM Punk posted on Twitter that he was bummed about that.

I’m glad they changed the start of MVP’s song, it’s more recognizable at the chorus-type part. That was a great promo though; I’d have to say MVP’s been on top of his game lately.

They’re talking Masters up a lot. I guess one could be surprised that he wasn’t one of the fired ones, but who knows.

I wish the match with Kaval and Ziggler had been longer, that could be real good. I bet the PPV will have it. I don’t mind this feud going on for a while!

Cody Rhodes is really good at his gimmick. Good match with Kofi.

Edge is such a creep. I wish they hadn’t wasted that delicious-looking Pizza Hut, though.

Hm, Tyler Reks did get some really good offense in for a bit. But they’re not going to have many people beat Show right now anyway, unless it’s a big name.

Weird, Caylen Croft in the hallway, haha. (He was next to the guy with the big colorful neck tattoo.) And there’s Gallows, too. And Edge in a minivan. That’s the weirdest part.

The Battle Royal worked out pretty nicely.

Holy crap, that intro was cool! They really meant it when they said old school. So glad King was able to make it, too. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Oh, man, Justin Roberts’ outfit. This keeps getting better and it just started. I’m having fun with this (and it seems like they are, too).

Bob Orton pretty much knows what’s up still. I have to say Barrett hit his promo straight on the head; it seemed like he belonged there.

Oh no, they went with Sexual Chocolate!!! hahaha. (Is that PG?) Not a bad match. Still not sure what they’re doing with Dolph/Vickie though, if that’ll stay!

Lame, Tyson Kidd. I reeeeally liked that tag team.

Man, R-Truth is getting on my nerves. But Chioda’s wig made me laugh. The cameramen are even wearing oldschool jumpsuits.

It was pretty good for Alex Riley to be paired with Miz, and now having a match with Cena is even better for him. Perhaps more importantly, it went fine. I mean, he didn’t win obviously, but nothing in that match went wrong and he looked solid in the ring.

Gosh, Sheik and Volkoff! They are bringing a ton of people in here. I always like watching Santino really wrestle because he’s actually quite good at it. The Usos are fun to watch as well. And while I’m at it, Kozlov’s big power moves are really cool too. Santino and Kozlov as a tag team works for me; maybe since they’ve had them together so long, or that it’s kind of a couple mistfits sort of, that it works pretty nicely. And I can’t say that them keeping Morrison off the mic for a bit was a bad thing. I think he is freaking hilarious as a heel, making fun of people and all, but trying to be champion of the little guy doesn’t always work for him the same way I think.

WHY is Kofi not always in main events?! That kid can cut a promo (remember Orton’s racecar? That was INSANE.) and is really fun to watch in the ring, with a lot of energy and neat moves. The Animal, too. Great stuff.

Okay, the segment with Dusty and ALL the rest of them was really a mix of awesome people and hilarity.

Barrett sailed off that rope really nicely, especially since he’s a pretty big guy. That was a good match, Truth looked pretty good even.

Slaughter’s still getting around great! Hell, he looks as good in the ring as some of the other Superstars. That was really neat to see though. Another passing of the torch, of sorts.

Mae Young is awesome. Look at her go! That was a good use of Divas, I must say.

OH MY GOD, IT’S JR!!!! Best moment of the night for me (along with him hitting Cole with his hat). I missed that voice and he didn’t miss a stride! I have to say, Cole did a great job with that too. Bryan was flying around everywhere, that was really an exciting and good match. DiBiase out of nowhere. Not bad, actually, I kinda like this feud.

I feel like Roddy Piper has aged a lot since I last saw him, which wasn’t very long ago. But I think it might be because he’s clean shaven, haha. He certainly gave Barrett the business, though! Man, I’ve been wanting Cena in a Nexus shirt this whole time! I’m not entirely sure why, but yeah. I think the black did make him look a bit heel-ish. So, that ended pretty much as one could expect but it wasn’t bad.

I really had fun watching this RAW. They really did a great job bringing the Legends in and using them well, and the matches that there were worked out nicely.

I’d like to remind everyone in the Chicago area about WrestleRage tomorrow in Villa Park, IL. POWW show that includes Serena (yes, that Serena!), Traci Brooks, Demolition, Mr. Anderson, and more.
Shameless plug over. But really, should be a good show.

Hearing an Edge promo makes me happy, and reminds me why I love wrestling. The man has talent and is very entertaining. Not really sure what the deals with Vickie and the handshake were but whatever. If I was sure that Otunga would be a good face, I’d say Edge beats him easily. But I’m really not sure about that.

Kofi and Del Rio had a nice solid match. Man, is that kid getting a big push.

Um, yeah. Natalya is awesome. That was a really good match. Not just a good Divas match, but a good match.

It amuses me that they’re using the word “excommunicated.” It’s a good one, though. I like lumberjack matches when all the random guys come out though, it’s just fun to see. The brawl I expected but I think because there was no significant interference from Nexus it worked out really well. Should have expected Kane out there but wasn’t thinking about it; I think that was a good way for the match to end. Normally the cheap finish would bother me, but I dunno, I thought it worked out.

MVP and Dolph Ziggler had a good match as well. I’ve been liking MVP lately (and always have liked Ziggler). As usual they need to be careful about 1. too many finishes that aren’t clean and 2. the plausibility of ref calls. He saw the foot on the rope once but not the second time? Careful.

The grooming tips, again though not unexpected, still are fun to watch. He really does a great job with them.

Kane did look kind of little when he was close to Big Show. Weird. Kane hitting that DDT was pretty cool. That was a good match though, I liked it more than I thought I would. Ha, and Edge impressive as always. Can’t make him too nice of a guy! That’s a good storyline developing, though.

Overall I’d say it was a good SmackDown. Maybe not like, spectacular but certainly not bad. But man, I want to go back to WrestleMania sooo bad.

I was talking to someone today who hasn’t watched wrestling in a while and when I told him that Flair and Hogan were still around he looked shocked and disgusted, haha. Anyway.

I like Josh Matthews. He has a really cool tattoo on one arm. King really does have an injury though, JR said that it’s an infection and he’s on IV antibiotics but he’ll be okay. Wishing him a speedy recovery, he’s awesome.

A scroll! Ha. No stereotypes there or anything. Also I kind of forgot to pay attention during all that, but I got the general idea (I could have on mute, though).

When they said the Divas had some soccer thing going on, I was expecting some really stupid pointless segment. I was pleasantly surprised to see an actual MATCH. It was actually a pretty good one, too.

Nice, a Hart Dynasty/Uso match! It was a good one.

You know, I bet WWE likes this. They can easily pass off the “Cena sucks” chants as him being in Nexus, so their ‘biggest star’ still appears as such. Works out quite well, and I can’t say for sure that was an accident.

Santino and Kozlov in those outfits…they are nothing if not entertaining. Sheamus kind of seemed like he was actually having a good time.

Ugh this main event. I just…man, I don’t know. I like Orton, and I like Barrett. I just can’t handle this repetitiveness every week, especially when they act like it is all such a big deal. These matches obviously won’t resolve anything. OH CENA AS REF. Shocking. I was really freaking confused when Truth’s music started actually until I remembered they’re giving Orton a one-night stable or something. I have no emotional investment in this (which is kind of a problem, they should not make me hate their product!). This is actually an issue. Even when Slater, one of my favorites, was in the ring (with Daniel Bryan!) I wasn’t paying much attention.

The Otunga storyline is at least one that I’m not sure how it will end up. I’m interested for now. I know we’re supposed to hate Wade Barrett but I feel like they’re just making it so he’s an ass, and he doesn’t get to really be GOOD at a gimmick; he’s just making stupid demands. If that makes any sense.

I was surprised when they started off with the Edge/Del Rio match…probably should have figured Nexus would happen. Really solid match though, this could be a good feud.

“Nexus isn’t just about John Cena and Wade Barrett.” Otunga saying that made me almost glad that they’re attacking people again. I’m so sick of that, and I’m not totally crazy about them jumping guys in the back, but it is nice to have a focus on the “other” guys.

I liked the Triple Threat. They had some great spots in there, and while some parts were a little slow I thought they all worked together really well and it was good.

Masters and Tyler Reks had a good match. I like that burning hammer finisher he has.

Kaitlyn seems not terrible in the ring. It’s kind of hard to judge because Vickie isn’t actually a wrestler so her skillset is limited as well, but I mean let’s be honest: that match was MUCH less of a disaster than some of the actual Divas matches. It wasn’t really a disaster at all.

Also, the main event was good! How exciting. There were points of course where there was interference and stuff, but that almost has to happen. But it didn’t get ridiculously chaotic or anything and really the wrestling itself was pretty good, and they managed to not have the SmackDown superstars act too buddy-buddy without just destroying each other the whole time.

How did Barrett get the authority to actually decide he wants to fire Cena anyway? I mean I know the GM had involvement but come on.

The tag match was good; those guys should all go far, they have a lot of talent. Thened happened kinda fast but it worked out well (except of course my hatred for them trying to tear apart Hart Dynasty). I liked that Gabriel got the 450 off quickly instead of staying on the ropes longer as he sometimes does.

Ha, Santino is funny.

I feel like R-Truth is acting like that gossipy kid trying to spread lies and start drama everywhere just to be a jerk. I dunno.

I thought Pee Wee wasn’t aloud that close to kids or something. So much creepier than when I was a child. Also he said Lita, and it wasn’t a lie. THAT I did not expect!

I kind of wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the Big Show/Miz match but it seemed not bad.

Divas match. Good. Really good, actually. Except…LayCool shut up.

HA. VINCE. Oh man, smart with the campaign stuff. And funny. I was also kind of confused but it was very entertaining. “Pretty sure he’s brain dead.”

I almost didn’t want to sit through the main event. I have a lot going on tonight but, more importantly, I’m just sick of this storyline. Cena is not leaving. I don’t know how they’ll get around all this but that’s gotta be a 99% sure fact. Oh gosh, I accidentally hit mute during Truth’s intro. What do I do?! Anyway. Not interested, really. Which is unfortunate because I really enjoy watching Barrett wrestle.