How did Barrett get the authority to actually decide he wants to fire Cena anyway? I mean I know the GM had involvement but come on.

The tag match was good; those guys should all go far, they have a lot of talent. Thened happened kinda fast but it worked out well (except of course my hatred for them trying to tear apart Hart Dynasty). I liked that Gabriel got the 450 off quickly instead of staying on the ropes longer as he sometimes does.

Ha, Santino is funny.

I feel like R-Truth is acting like that gossipy kid trying to spread lies and start drama everywhere just to be a jerk. I dunno.

I thought Pee Wee wasn’t aloud that close to kids or something. So much creepier than when I was a child. Also he said Lita, and it wasn’t a lie. THAT I did not expect!

I kind of wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the Big Show/Miz match but it seemed not bad.

Divas match. Good. Really good, actually. Except…LayCool shut up.

HA. VINCE. Oh man, smart with the campaign stuff. And funny. I was also kind of confused but it was very entertaining. “Pretty sure he’s brain dead.”

I almost didn’t want to sit through the main event. I have a lot going on tonight but, more importantly, I’m just sick of this storyline. Cena is not leaving. I don’t know how they’ll get around all this but that’s gotta be a 99% sure fact. Oh gosh, I accidentally hit mute during Truth’s intro. What do I do?! Anyway. Not interested, really. Which is unfortunate because I really enjoy watching Barrett wrestle.