I was talking to someone today who hasn’t watched wrestling in a while and when I told him that Flair and Hogan were still around he looked shocked and disgusted, haha. Anyway.

I like Josh Matthews. He has a really cool tattoo on one arm. King really does have an injury though, JR said that it’s an infection and he’s on IV antibiotics but he’ll be okay. Wishing him a speedy recovery, he’s awesome.

A scroll! Ha. No stereotypes there or anything. Also I kind of forgot to pay attention during all that, but I got the general idea (I could have on mute, though).

When they said the Divas had some soccer thing going on, I was expecting some really stupid pointless segment. I was pleasantly surprised to see an actual MATCH. It was actually a pretty good one, too.

Nice, a Hart Dynasty/Uso match! It was a good one.

You know, I bet WWE likes this. They can easily pass off the “Cena sucks” chants as him being in Nexus, so their ‘biggest star’ still appears as such. Works out quite well, and I can’t say for sure that was an accident.

Santino and Kozlov in those outfits…they are nothing if not entertaining. Sheamus kind of seemed like he was actually having a good time.

Ugh this main event. I just…man, I don’t know. I like Orton, and I like Barrett. I just can’t handle this repetitiveness every week, especially when they act like it is all such a big deal. These matches obviously won’t resolve anything. OH CENA AS REF. Shocking. I was really freaking confused when Truth’s music started actually until I remembered they’re giving Orton a one-night stable or something. I have no emotional investment in this (which is kind of a problem, they should not make me hate their product!). This is actually an issue. Even when Slater, one of my favorites, was in the ring (with Daniel Bryan!) I wasn’t paying much attention.

The Otunga storyline is at least one that I’m not sure how it will end up. I’m interested for now. I know we’re supposed to hate Wade Barrett but I feel like they’re just making it so he’s an ass, and he doesn’t get to really be GOOD at a gimmick; he’s just making stupid demands. If that makes any sense.