I’d like to remind everyone in the Chicago area about WrestleRage tomorrow in Villa Park, IL. POWW show that includes Serena (yes, that Serena!), Traci Brooks, Demolition, Mr. Anderson, and more. http://www.powwentertainment.com
Shameless plug over. But really, should be a good show.

Hearing an Edge promo makes me happy, and reminds me why I love wrestling. The man has talent and is very entertaining. Not really sure what the deals with Vickie and the handshake were but whatever. If I was sure that Otunga would be a good face, I’d say Edge beats him easily. But I’m really not sure about that.

Kofi and Del Rio had a nice solid match. Man, is that kid getting a big push.

Um, yeah. Natalya is awesome. That was a really good match. Not just a good Divas match, but a good match.

It amuses me that they’re using the word “excommunicated.” It’s a good one, though. I like lumberjack matches when all the random guys come out though, it’s just fun to see. The brawl I expected but I think because there was no significant interference from Nexus it worked out really well. Should have expected Kane out there but wasn’t thinking about it; I think that was a good way for the match to end. Normally the cheap finish would bother me, but I dunno, I thought it worked out.

MVP and Dolph Ziggler had a good match as well. I’ve been liking MVP lately (and always have liked Ziggler). As usual they need to be careful about 1. too many finishes that aren’t clean and 2. the plausibility of ref calls. He saw the foot on the rope once but not the second time? Careful.

The grooming tips, again though not unexpected, still are fun to watch. He really does a great job with them.

Kane did look kind of little when he was close to Big Show. Weird. Kane hitting that DDT was pretty cool. That was a good match though, I liked it more than I thought I would. Ha, and Edge impressive as always. Can’t make him too nice of a guy! That’s a good storyline developing, though.

Overall I’d say it was a good SmackDown. Maybe not like, spectacular but certainly not bad. But man, I want to go back to WrestleMania sooo bad.