Holy crap, that intro was cool! They really meant it when they said old school. So glad King was able to make it, too. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Oh, man, Justin Roberts’ outfit. This keeps getting better and it just started. I’m having fun with this (and it seems like they are, too).

Bob Orton pretty much knows what’s up still. I have to say Barrett hit his promo straight on the head; it seemed like he belonged there.

Oh no, they went with Sexual Chocolate!!! hahaha. (Is that PG?) Not a bad match. Still not sure what they’re doing with Dolph/Vickie though, if that’ll stay!

Lame, Tyson Kidd. I reeeeally liked that tag team.

Man, R-Truth is getting on my nerves. But Chioda’s wig made me laugh. The cameramen are even wearing oldschool jumpsuits.

It was pretty good for Alex Riley to be paired with Miz, and now having a match with Cena is even better for him. Perhaps more importantly, it went fine. I mean, he didn’t win obviously, but nothing in that match went wrong and he looked solid in the ring.

Gosh, Sheik and Volkoff! They are bringing a ton of people in here. I always like watching Santino really wrestle because he’s actually quite good at it. The Usos are fun to watch as well. And while I’m at it, Kozlov’s big power moves are really cool too. Santino and Kozlov as a tag team works for me; maybe since they’ve had them together so long, or that it’s kind of a couple mistfits sort of, that it works pretty nicely. And I can’t say that them keeping Morrison off the mic for a bit was a bad thing. I think he is freaking hilarious as a heel, making fun of people and all, but trying to be champion of the little guy doesn’t always work for him the same way I think.

WHY is Kofi not always in main events?! That kid can cut a promo (remember Orton’s racecar? That was INSANE.) and is really fun to watch in the ring, with a lot of energy and neat moves. The Animal, too. Great stuff.

Okay, the segment with Dusty and ALL the rest of them was really a mix of awesome people and hilarity.

Barrett sailed off that rope really nicely, especially since he’s a pretty big guy. That was a good match, Truth looked pretty good even.

Slaughter’s still getting around great! Hell, he looks as good in the ring as some of the other Superstars. That was really neat to see though. Another passing of the torch, of sorts.

Mae Young is awesome. Look at her go! That was a good use of Divas, I must say.

OH MY GOD, IT’S JR!!!! Best moment of the night for me (along with him hitting Cole with his hat). I missed that voice and he didn’t miss a stride! I have to say, Cole did a great job with that too. Bryan was flying around everywhere, that was really an exciting and good match. DiBiase out of nowhere. Not bad, actually, I kinda like this feud.

I feel like Roddy Piper has aged a lot since I last saw him, which wasn’t very long ago. But I think it might be because he’s clean shaven, haha. He certainly gave Barrett the business, though! Man, I’ve been wanting Cena in a Nexus shirt this whole time! I’m not entirely sure why, but yeah. I think the black did make him look a bit heel-ish. So, that ended pretty much as one could expect but it wasn’t bad.

I really had fun watching this RAW. They really did a great job bringing the Legends in and using them well, and the matches that there were worked out nicely.