I didn’t watch the PPV last night…Not sure if I will or not.
I am SO happy that Natalya won the Divas title. AND Beth Phoenix came back!! Best night for the Women’s Division ever? Maybe.

Really, I’m pretty shocked about this Cena thing. Look at Barrett come out and create even MORE heat somehow!!

Hell. Yes. CM Punk. He is hilarious (if any of you have watched Superstars or even NXT at all.) (Also I’ve heard he’s rehabbing an injury which is why he’s doing this and not wrestling.) Neat that they’re doing King of the Ring again, I was wondering about that.

Um, did they finally decide R-Truth’s new song isn’t PG enough or something? Weird. I still hate that Celtic Cross move, but the rest of the match was fine. I expected Sheamus to win.

I forgot Riley got arrested for DUI the other day. And I enjoy Punk’s references to that fact hahaha. Not surprised Ezekiel Jackson won, but I would have been shocked if he’d beaten Miz.

I can’t believe this Cena promo is happening. Like, I did not expect this right now, what is going on. I mean, sure, he’s not exactly a new guy but jeez. I’d kind of expect this at ‘Mania though, you know? This is actually pretty sad to watch because everything I’ve heard says he cares about this so much, and you can tell. His chant was funny, though. How are you supposed to follow this though! I mean really.

Good Divas match, which isn’t surprising considering who was involved. I don’t know that Alicia Fox gets enough credit…but a lot of the good ones don’t.

Hm, they made Tyson Kidd’s music an evil version of the Hart Dynasty music. I like it. That was a good match, lots of energy and fun to watch, and those guys both have a lot of talent.

I read that WWE might have fired one of the refs, Aaron Mahoney. He’s still on the website, but I didn’t see him tonight (though sometimes they’re not all used anyway). Saw a new one I didn’t recognize trying to fend off Nexus though. Hmph.

Whoa time out. When I heard Miz’s music, I was like OH come on! WAIT. I forgot he had the briefcase. That got interesting quick. So…yeah. I’m okay with it as long as he’s a good champion.