Sorry for the delay again, holidays and such! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Yeah, Kane’s promo…not so sure. A friend said the end (right before Edge came out) sounded exactly like Jack Swagger, and I can’t say he’s wrong.

Get rid of the eagle, please! Good match with Kofi and Swagger, though. I really didn’t know who would win, either, so that’s always fun. Lasted a good long while, too, which worked out because those two were able to make it a GOOD match for the entire duration of it.

Edge is still pretty creepy and all, but Paul Bearer really does play his part super well.

I thought MVP and Drew McIntyre had a pretty good match. He really got MVP on his head in that DDT.

Well, hm, after that segment with Hornswoggle, maybe the eagle mascot IS gone…

Hey, Kelly Kelly had a nice counter at the end of the match there. But can I say once again how excited I am that Beth Phoenix is back?!

Del Rio standing at the announce table was perfect for his gimmick, that guy really is a great villain. He’s really impressed me already. Mysterio and Rhodes had a good match as well I thought. I actually have been enjoying watching Rey wrestle a lot lately (I don’t always love his character but he’s always had talent in the ring, I just have been enjoying seeing him more after he was gone for a bit I think).

I am jealous that they can be outside in a t-shirt (or in Kane’s case, half naked) right now. It’s cold in Chicago and stuff.