Gooood match with Del Rio and Daniel Bryan! Future of the company, ladies and gents. I’d have to say, though: Bryan is the “submission master” and all. I don’t have a problem with him tapping out, but I think he should have tried to hang on a bit longer. Just didn’t work for me.

Can I say also that Colt Cabana’s “I (Jewish Star) Colt” shirt is one of my favorite things ever?

I just remembered randomly the time when they brought the throne out for Seamus to sit on as he was watching some match. Ridiculous foreshadowing? But I did think it was overkill then. (I just checked, it was August 23 of this year.)

Cody Rhodes and John Morrison had a good match that I admit I didn’t pay as much attention to as I should have. That’s not the match’s fault, though, it was mine this time.

Um, why does Miz not know how to use “nothing/anything” all of the sudden? It’s driving me crazy. But Jerry Lawler can still cut promos and make people love him dearly.

Morrison and Del Rio’s match was kinda short, but I could see those two having some good matches in the future if necessary. Whatever that means.

The wrestling in the Divas match was quite good. I like this new trend.

Hm, DiBiase with a little scruff on his face works really well. Makes him look meaner. So does him freaking out.

Hm, you know, it actually makes a ton of sense having Miss America crown the winner. Pretty girl whose job it is to make random public appearances (more or less), and a crown. Also she didn’t sound completely lost like some other guest host-types, so that is good. Good match with Morrison and Sheamus, though, I really enjoyed it actually (much more than I thought I would). Man, some of those guys had rough nights.

You know what was fun about tonight’s RAW? I had no idea who was going to win King of the Ring. I really didn’t.

Why does Miz still have the briefcase? Dumb. I wasn’t sure if Jerry’s knee was healed enough to wrestle but apparently it is! That’s good. (Go Bears.) So, yeah. At first I thought this match was awesome because hell, it’s King. But I got really sick of Miz beating on him for no reason. I mean, the point is to make us hate him, but I was just really annoyed with the whole thing. Man, Punk did a good job with commentary on that, though, especially when he was the only one there. That could have bombed haha but it went fine. But man, King beating Cole up was better than him winning the title would have been!! That did end up being kinda neat, though.

Okay, here’s the deal. I thought it was beyond weird as hell that Cena was retiring. I’m not going to say I knew for sure he was coming back (not so soon!), but I couldn’t fully convince myself he was really gone. I actually saw a but of a spoiler concerning this matter but I won’t post that here so people can be surprised!

Almost Slammy time! Man, these 3-hour RAWs are piling up.