November 2010

I was surprised when they started off with the Edge/Del Rio match…probably should have figured Nexus would happen. Really solid match though, this could be a good feud.

“Nexus isn’t just about John Cena and Wade Barrett.” Otunga saying that made me almost glad that they’re attacking people again. I’m so sick of that, and I’m not totally crazy about them jumping guys in the back, but it is nice to have a focus on the “other” guys.

I liked the Triple Threat. They had some great spots in there, and while some parts were a little slow I thought they all worked together really well and it was good.

Masters and Tyler Reks had a good match. I like that burning hammer finisher he has.

Kaitlyn seems not terrible in the ring. It’s kind of hard to judge because Vickie isn’t actually a wrestler so her skillset is limited as well, but I mean let’s be honest: that match was MUCH less of a disaster than some of the actual Divas matches. It wasn’t really a disaster at all.

Also, the main event was good! How exciting. There were points of course where there was interference and stuff, but that almost has to happen. But it didn’t get ridiculously chaotic or anything and really the wrestling itself was pretty good, and they managed to not have the SmackDown superstars act too buddy-buddy without just destroying each other the whole time.

How did Barrett get the authority to actually decide he wants to fire Cena anyway? I mean I know the GM had involvement but come on.

The tag match was good; those guys should all go far, they have a lot of talent. Thened happened kinda fast but it worked out well (except of course my hatred for them trying to tear apart Hart Dynasty). I liked that Gabriel got the 450 off quickly instead of staying on the ropes longer as he sometimes does.

Ha, Santino is funny.

I feel like R-Truth is acting like that gossipy kid trying to spread lies and start drama everywhere just to be a jerk. I dunno.

I thought Pee Wee wasn’t aloud that close to kids or something. So much creepier than when I was a child. Also he said Lita, and it wasn’t a lie. THAT I did not expect!

I kind of wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the Big Show/Miz match but it seemed not bad.

Divas match. Good. Really good, actually. Except…LayCool shut up.

HA. VINCE. Oh man, smart with the campaign stuff. And funny. I was also kind of confused but it was very entertaining. “Pretty sure he’s brain dead.”

I almost didn’t want to sit through the main event. I have a lot going on tonight but, more importantly, I’m just sick of this storyline. Cena is not leaving. I don’t know how they’ll get around all this but that’s gotta be a 99% sure fact. Oh gosh, I accidentally hit mute during Truth’s intro. What do I do?! Anyway. Not interested, really. Which is unfortunate because I really enjoy watching Barrett wrestle.

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