December 2010

Hey, everyone, I forgot to say that I’ll be out of town again until the first week of January. Sorry for the lack of posts, it will return to normal soon!

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday season, and I wish you all a happy new year!

Alright, I’m back in town (for now!). Thought I’d post a quick recap of SmackDown (12-17), RAW (12-20) and SmackDown again (12-21). I didn’t catch TLC, though.

Before that, though, a little side note: Just found out that POWW is doing another fantasy camp on January 8th. Let me know if you’d like more info and I’ll try to help and/or put you in contact with the trainer Jim Blaze. (I may or may not be there myself!)

Hm, new interviewer on SmackDown. Didn’t say much but seemed to do a good job.
Also they brought JTG back for a little…segment thing. Probably a good move since (I think) people liked “Word Up” when they did that before. It’ll help remind people who he is and maybe remind them that they like him.

I’m not super excited that they switched Edge vs. Kane to a Fatal Four Way. Those two have such a feud going and I think could put on a great singles match. It seems very odd to me.

All the LayCool jokes about Beth Phoenix being in the “men’s division” are a bit ironic. Mostly because she could kick at least half of the male roster’s asses. But that table they had painted up before TLC with the caricatures was hilarious.

Morrison cut a good promo on RAW. I enjoyed King getting a swing at Alex Riley, as well. And the heat on Michael Cole is pretty spectacular at this point (and I’m sure he came out to the Oklahoma Sooners fight song as he always does in Texas!).

So, that string of chairs falling from the ceiling was pretty cool looking. Cena and Ziggler had one hell of a match.

It was pretty nice having a Nexus-free RAW, actually…

They announced earlier today that Kaval has been released. Uh, what?? I wish I was kidding, kids. I’m really bummed about this one. He is so much fun to watch and can put on exciting matches. I thought people were really starting to like him, too.

Slammy night! I usually enjoy these, it’s just a bunch of fun.

Yeah, was David Arquette on something or is he just always like that? Wade Barrett is really great at what he does, though. It’s also pretty funny how they just have everyone hated be ‘invited’ by Michael Cole. It’s a good strategy.

Yeah, I’m not a huge Kelly Kelly fan. She did okay though. No way. The song they played for this award, “I’m Bad” by The Last Vegas is one of my favorites. I met the singer a while ago when they opened for Motley Crue and he was a nice guy. Haha, CM Punk. He’s a great villain. (Also he was suuuper creepy when he sang to Rey’s daughter, so winning makes sense haha.)

The tag match is very appealing. I enjoyed it…could have actually been a little longer even I think to let the four of them show off their skills a bit. But it was good and (and clean).

Oh man. The other day I actually watched the whole Shatner theme song clip. It never fails to make me laugh. How did that not win??

Hey, look, John Cena’s back. Oh wait.

Seriously, that face that “Angry Miz Girl” is making was me as a child.

Oh, man, I’m glad they brought Christian in. These two have to tag again.

I’m not totally upset that we didn’t see Morrison/Sheamus again. It’s been done a lot lately and it’s an okay feud but eh. The #1 contender stipulation makes things a little more interesting, though.

Interesting that Kaitlyn’s in the Divas match. Not a bad idea. Also the match was not nearly a disaster. It actually went quite well, I was very impressed. Natalya definitely should have won though. Divas tag table match. I think that could go well with those four.

I heard Shawn Michaels’s music and was like WHAT he’s THERE?! But he wasn’t, so my confusion left. I just re-watched ‘Taker vs. HBK from ‘Mania 25 the other night. That is really an amazing match.

I think the thing I like about Randy Orton is that he can hit big power moves but he looks more refined and graceful doing them than someone like Cena (not a knock on Cena, just a comparison there). Those medics got out there pretty quick. But this may be a form of blasphemy but I think Arquette looked decent out there. He didn’t seem lost at all and he took his hits really well.

Some of those quotes were pretty funny. That’s why I like Slammy night, you get to relive a bunch of fun stuff!

Wow, loooud pop for Cena, even when they just announced him as a nominee. I think I’d prefer not to get hit with chairs, thanks.

That was a good RAW, I enjoyed it!

Okay, ladies and gents. I think my posts might be scarce and irregular for the next month or so. I’m doing a lot of travelling for the holidays and such. I’ll try to keep up when I can, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get to watch! I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday season.

Sorry for the delay, had difficulty watching SmackDown. Annoying.

Kaval and Swagger had a good match, I liked it. I kind of think Swagger’s been like, adapting more lately or something, learning more moves and stuff because he’s been having good matches lately. Also, his promo was really good. It was back to before he won the championship; once that happened he got too slow and measured in his speaking, but he sounded good on this one.

Oh man. The Hornswoggle vs. The Eagle match was actually hilarious. And so is Santino.

I know we’ve seen a lot of Kofi vs. Ziggler not too long ago, but I don’t mind because they’re two of my favorites. I thought they had a great match and I’m sure we’ll see one again with the DQ.

The Masterlock Challenge idea was…not the best, but I enjoyed seeing Cody play out his gimmick. He is good at it.

Layla and Natalya had a good, though short, match. I’m kind of sick of having Natalya vs. one of the LayCool members all the time, though, even though they can all wrestle so it’s not bad. I want Beth Phoenix to have some matches!

The main event was good, even if it was a bit odd (what can you expect).

This SmackDown was a little different…they had the two little video packages about Kofi and Ziggler, and then the Vault thing (which was AWESOME). It was neat, though. Good show overall.

Haaa, CM Punk really is amusing me. Also King holding Cole so he couldn’t leave was great. And RKO on Michael Cole. Priceless. I kind of ignored all the talk now that I think about it. Oh well.

I agree with the announcers, I don’t understand any of those relationships in the mixed tag match. I like Josh Matthews, though, I’m glad he’s there.

So, the DH Smith/Tyson Kidd match happened this past week on Superstars, but it was a good one. That dude with Kidd is giant, though.

I’m excited to see the Usos back, and I feel like we haven’t seen a 4-way tag recently, so that’s kinda fun. The Usos got some nice moves in, though. The parts of the match were pretty good. I think Santino and Kozlov being tag champs is fun; I still don’t think Santino gets enough credit for his wrestling skills.

Oh, lord. Please have LayCool shut UP. I continue to be impressed by Natalya, though. Melina looked better than she has since she’s come back. And yeah, what’s with Melina not helping Natalya…?

Hm, I liked Husky Harris wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt. He looked different than the rest of Nexus, and he has no reason to be wearing his wrestling gear.
Aaaand Nexus meltdown. Damn, John Cena is strong.

So, um, yeah. I can’t say this week’s RAW was really bad or anything. I didn’t get too into it, though; there weren’t many matches at all. Everything was predictable (which isn’t always a problem, it can still be exciting, but…eh). Except maybe the Nexus meltdown, that was a little fun.

The Del Rio/Mysterio promo was good, but kinda slow. I think Mysterio might have caught Del Rio in the face with a boot a little bit.

MVP! He’s gone now, actually. He said he asked for and received his release earlier this week. He’s been really on his game lately I think, and he said he wanted to move on. Cool to see him tag with Kaval, though. That was a great match, I really enjoyed it.

Wow. Kofi and Jack Swagger had another amazing match. This one might even have been better, that was great. Good to see Kofi getting a championship match, too. Swagger’s untied boot was pretty distracting, though. And likely dangerous.

I quite liked the Rhodes/Masters match too, actually. They both looked good.

So, I was excited to see Rosa since she hasn’t wrestled in a while. She didn’t do a whole lot but it wasn’t an abomination, which is good. I thought it would be a complete squash, too, but it wasn’t quite. I was very excited to hear Beth Phoenix’s music because I had almost forgotten she was back, so I wasn’t expecting it.

The main event was also a good match. I wasn’t really in the mindset for wrestling tonight but the matches were certainly good enough that they kept my attention. Kane should learn to run faster, though.