The Del Rio/Mysterio promo was good, but kinda slow. I think Mysterio might have caught Del Rio in the face with a boot a little bit.

MVP! He’s gone now, actually. He said he asked for and received his release earlier this week. He’s been really on his game lately I think, and he said he wanted to move on. Cool to see him tag with Kaval, though. That was a great match, I really enjoyed it.

Wow. Kofi and Jack Swagger had another amazing match. This one might even have been better, that was great. Good to see Kofi getting a championship match, too. Swagger’s untied boot was pretty distracting, though. And likely dangerous.

I quite liked the Rhodes/Masters match too, actually. They both looked good.

So, I was excited to see Rosa since she hasn’t wrestled in a while. She didn’t do a whole lot but it wasn’t an abomination, which is good. I thought it would be a complete squash, too, but it wasn’t quite. I was very excited to hear Beth Phoenix’s music because I had almost forgotten she was back, so I wasn’t expecting it.

The main event was also a good match. I wasn’t really in the mindset for wrestling tonight but the matches were certainly good enough that they kept my attention. Kane should learn to run faster, though.