Haaa, CM Punk really is amusing me. Also King holding Cole so he couldn’t leave was great. And RKO on Michael Cole. Priceless. I kind of ignored all the talk now that I think about it. Oh well.

I agree with the announcers, I don’t understand any of those relationships in the mixed tag match. I like Josh Matthews, though, I’m glad he’s there.

So, the DH Smith/Tyson Kidd match happened this past week on Superstars, but it was a good one. That dude with Kidd is giant, though.

I’m excited to see the Usos back, and I feel like we haven’t seen a 4-way tag recently, so that’s kinda fun. The Usos got some nice moves in, though. The parts of the match were pretty good. I think Santino and Kozlov being tag champs is fun; I still don’t think Santino gets enough credit for his wrestling skills.

Oh, lord. Please have LayCool shut UP. I continue to be impressed by Natalya, though. Melina looked better than she has since she’s come back. And yeah, what’s with Melina not helping Natalya…?

Hm, I liked Husky Harris wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt. He looked different than the rest of Nexus, and he has no reason to be wearing his wrestling gear.
Aaaand Nexus meltdown. Damn, John Cena is strong.

So, um, yeah. I can’t say this week’s RAW was really bad or anything. I didn’t get too into it, though; there weren’t many matches at all. Everything was predictable (which isn’t always a problem, it can still be exciting, but…eh). Except maybe the Nexus meltdown, that was a little fun.