Sorry for the delay, had difficulty watching SmackDown. Annoying.

Kaval and Swagger had a good match, I liked it. I kind of think Swagger’s been like, adapting more lately or something, learning more moves and stuff because he’s been having good matches lately. Also, his promo was really good. It was back to before he won the championship; once that happened he got too slow and measured in his speaking, but he sounded good on this one.

Oh man. The Hornswoggle vs. The Eagle match was actually hilarious. And so is Santino.

I know we’ve seen a lot of Kofi vs. Ziggler not too long ago, but I don’t mind because they’re two of my favorites. I thought they had a great match and I’m sure we’ll see one again with the DQ.

The Masterlock Challenge idea was…not the best, but I enjoyed seeing Cody play out his gimmick. He is good at it.

Layla and Natalya had a good, though short, match. I’m kind of sick of having Natalya vs. one of the LayCool members all the time, though, even though they can all wrestle so it’s not bad. I want Beth Phoenix to have some matches!

The main event was good, even if it was a bit odd (what can you expect).

This SmackDown was a little different…they had the two little video packages about Kofi and Ziggler, and then the Vault thing (which was AWESOME). It was neat, though. Good show overall.