Slammy night! I usually enjoy these, it’s just a bunch of fun.

Yeah, was David Arquette on something or is he just always like that? Wade Barrett is really great at what he does, though. It’s also pretty funny how they just have everyone hated be ‘invited’ by Michael Cole. It’s a good strategy.

Yeah, I’m not a huge Kelly Kelly fan. She did okay though. No way. The song they played for this award, “I’m Bad” by The Last Vegas is one of my favorites. I met the singer a while ago when they opened for Motley Crue and he was a nice guy. Haha, CM Punk. He’s a great villain. (Also he was suuuper creepy when he sang to Rey’s daughter, so winning makes sense haha.)

The tag match is very appealing. I enjoyed it…could have actually been a little longer even I think to let the four of them show off their skills a bit. But it was good and (and clean).

Oh man. The other day I actually watched the whole Shatner theme song clip. It never fails to make me laugh. How did that not win??

Hey, look, John Cena’s back. Oh wait.

Seriously, that face that “Angry Miz Girl” is making was me as a child.

Oh, man, I’m glad they brought Christian in. These two have to tag again.

I’m not totally upset that we didn’t see Morrison/Sheamus again. It’s been done a lot lately and it’s an okay feud but eh. The #1 contender stipulation makes things a little more interesting, though.

Interesting that Kaitlyn’s in the Divas match. Not a bad idea. Also the match was not nearly a disaster. It actually went quite well, I was very impressed. Natalya definitely should have won though. Divas tag table match. I think that could go well with those four.

I heard Shawn Michaels’s music and was like WHAT he’s THERE?! But he wasn’t, so my confusion left. I just re-watched ‘Taker vs. HBK from ‘Mania 25 the other night. That is really an amazing match.

I think the thing I like about Randy Orton is that he can hit big power moves but he looks more refined and graceful doing them than someone like Cena (not a knock on Cena, just a comparison there). Those medics got out there pretty quick. But this may be a form of blasphemy but I think Arquette looked decent out there. He didn’t seem lost at all and he took his hits really well.

Some of those quotes were pretty funny. That’s why I like Slammy night, you get to relive a bunch of fun stuff!

Wow, loooud pop for Cena, even when they just announced him as a nominee. I think I’d prefer not to get hit with chairs, thanks.

That was a good RAW, I enjoyed it!

Okay, ladies and gents. I think my posts might be scarce and irregular for the next month or so. I’m doing a lot of travelling for the holidays and such. I’ll try to keep up when I can, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get to watch! I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday season.