Alright, I’m back in town (for now!). Thought I’d post a quick recap of SmackDown (12-17), RAW (12-20) and SmackDown again (12-21). I didn’t catch TLC, though.

Before that, though, a little side note: Just found out that POWW is doing another fantasy camp on January 8th. Let me know if you’d like more info and I’ll try to help and/or put you in contact with the trainer Jim Blaze. (I may or may not be there myself!)

Hm, new interviewer on SmackDown. Didn’t say much but seemed to do a good job.
Also they brought JTG back for a little…segment thing. Probably a good move since (I think) people liked “Word Up” when they did that before. It’ll help remind people who he is and maybe remind them that they like him.

I’m not super excited that they switched Edge vs. Kane to a Fatal Four Way. Those two have such a feud going and I think could put on a great singles match. It seems very odd to me.

All the LayCool jokes about Beth Phoenix being in the “men’s division” are a bit ironic. Mostly because she could kick at least half of the male roster’s asses. But that table they had painted up before TLC with the caricatures was hilarious.

Morrison cut a good promo on RAW. I enjoyed King getting a swing at Alex Riley, as well. And the heat on Michael Cole is pretty spectacular at this point (and I’m sure he came out to the Oklahoma Sooners fight song as he always does in Texas!).

So, that string of chairs falling from the ceiling was pretty cool looking. Cena and Ziggler had one hell of a match.

It was pretty nice having a Nexus-free RAW, actually…

They announced earlier today that Kaval has been released. Uh, what?? I wish I was kidding, kids. I’m really bummed about this one. He is so much fun to watch and can put on exciting matches. I thought people were really starting to like him, too.