January 2011

Man, I wish I was going to WrestleMania again.

They are playing Del Rio’s gimmick perfectly. A mariachi band and everything! Who could like a pompous jerk flaunting his riches by tooting his own horn?! Brilliant Ricardo’s doing pretty great, too. Well played by Edge! I’m so glad Del Rio ‘chose’ the World Heavyweight Championship, though. Especially if it’s still Edge (my best are that it will be), that should be a killer match.

Is it bad that I’m kind of amused that McGillicutty’s trunks say, “ruthless” because if they said his name it’d be….not cool? Tag match was pretty good. Orton’s got the crazy eyes down quite well the past couple nights, eh?

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, I would love to see a match between him and CM Punk. They worked alone a bit during the Rumble and it was good stuff. Bryan’s match with Tyson Kidd was short but the small amount we saw was good. That could be fun to continue as well.
What is this Gail Kim bashing stuff though? The Bellas have like, turned into a tame, less creative version of LayCool or something.

Edge and Miz had a pretty good match. Is anyone else kind of annoyed that any match that gets any significant time at all is interrupted by an appearance on the ramp/elsewhere in the arena, or the Nexus/Corre? Or some other way doesn’t have quite a clean finish (Riley, Vickie, etc.)?

Yeah, I’m still not really cool with Eve having the title right now.

Eh, Khali. I’m not his biggest fan. Like the GM, I was sure the Usos had no chance. I didn’t vote for the dance-off, though. The Usos were entertaining. And you know, Khali and Mark Henry were, too. It was ridiculous and I think they all realized it haha.

You know those cryptic, dark, rainy commercials with the creepy house proclaiming, “2-21-11?” I wonder if that’s Undertaker or something.

Yeah, I can watch the replay of what John Morrison did at the Rumble tons of times. So cool. I wasn’t entirely convinced the “Raw Rumble” was a good idea, but i found myself still enjoying it. Also then it saved the inevitable run-in interruptions, since that was the point.
Jerry Lawler’s going to unleash on Cole at some point, either verbally or physically, and it’s going to be hilarious. I would like for him (King) to have a match at ‘Mania. He really does deserve it, and I think he can still pull off a good match and at the moment is definitely relevant and liked enough for it. Especially against Miz. But we’ll see how Elimination Chamber goes (they sure do come up fast!)…wonder if Cole will somehow have a part in things.

By a bit of a stroke of luck I was able to watch most of the Rumble!

Unfortunately I missed all but the very end of Edge vs. Ziggler which I really wanted to see. That’s okay. I did want Ziggler to win, but the fact that he would have had to do so without Edge being able to use a spear would have cheapened it a bit. It worked out and I certainly don’t dislike Edge. Using the Killswitch was a nice touch, I must say.

For some reason I wasn’t into the Orton vs. Miz match. I just didn’t care enough about the feud. It was a solid match…but I’m pretty sick of not having clean finishes, especially ones that involve Nexus or something (especially Alex Riley).

Divas match. I probably should refrain from expressing how unhappy I am that Eve now has the title. I mean, I was kind of annoyed that they put her in the match to start with, and then she wins. She’s not the worst, but certainly not the best, and I think other Divas are more deserving. Plus it came out of NOWHERE. Maybe Kong’ll kick her ass.

And finally, the Rumble itself! 40 guys is huge. I thought for a while there that Punk might do it, but I wanted it to be without Nexus the whole way through. But then Cena comes in and defies impossible odds (again). Hornswoggle was entertaining mostly because he was hitting everyone’s finishers, not just Cena’s. It was harmless having him in the way they did. Now let’s talk about Booker T and Kevin Nash/Diesel! Exciting stuff, though the latter I had seen lots of rumors of. I missed a bit of Nash, but Booker looked really damn good.

I have to say, for a while I was losing faith. I thought Cena might win it, which would have just been not that exciting for me. And it would have been predictable. Same for Orton. I was really pulling for either Barrett or Del Rio at the end. I’d say overall though that all 40 guys did a great job. I don’t remember seeing anyone really mess something up, and the wrestling itself was generally good.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about Del Rio winning! I’ve liked him since he debuted; he is a really good wrestler and he has promo skills to match. I’m also glad a young guy is getting a chance to be in the main event; there is a lot of young talent right now and it’s cool!

So, it wasn’t my favorite PPV. The wrestling wasn’t really the issue, though, I just wasn’t totally thrilled with how some of the winners and story lines turned out. Certainly not terrible, though; the Rumble is always exciting, especially to see who will show up!

Oh, nice. A “your excused” sign. Please check your grammar and spelling before making a sign for an internationally televised event. Thanks, kids. (Sorry, all, but your/you’re and there/their/they’re are big ones for me. Especially with the whole TV thing and all.) Ha, Randy and his “excuse me.” Good work.

I was happy to see Kaitlyn (back I guess you could say?). It seems like they didn’t ask her to do a lot, which is fine since I’m not sure how ready she is or isn’t to have a match on SmackDown. But she held up her end just fine.

The McIntyre/JTG match was alright. Wasn’t thrilled with the amount of backslide-type things JTG tried, but hey. The Kelly Kelly thing is weird. Wonder if that was going to be Tiffany at one point.

Cody Rhodes’s promo was slightly lengthy but very well done. And pulled of without being able to see his emotion or anything, quite good.

Haha, I’m enjoying how Tarver is still showing up in random spots.

Man, Del Rio’s got the best gimmick ever getting to drive all those cars.

The main event was pretty exciting. I see Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge being a show stopper on Sunday. We’ll see how this “no spear” thing works out.

Hm, didn’t take long to get a confrontation between the New Nexus and the Corre.

I’m not sure I like Melina as a heel a whole. Then again I’m not sure I like Melina’s gimmick ever (and the screaming drives me crazy, but not in a good way). Very athletic though, no question. Match wasn’t spectacular but it was good. Pretty short, especially for a title match, but I figured something would happen with the Rumble. I’ll be pretty annoyed if LayCool wins. Unless it’s a vehicle to get Beth Phoenix the belt. She’s feuding with LayCool anyway, so that works out; having her go against Natalya wouldn’t make sense right now. So if that’s the end result it’s cool. I’m just sick of LayCool. Still.

Dolph Ziggler winning the belt on Sunday would be pretty great. I liked having him and Vickie at the announce table, it was entertaining. I enjoyed the match though it was a bit chaotic, especially with the extra banter announcing. But it wasn’t one that the outcome “mattered” so…yeah.

This Bella drama is doing nothing for me. I feel like Daniel Bryan doesn’t need to be in a tag match with them either, haha. Maybe a manager but one that won’t overshadow him too much with drama. Though I’m not sure he needs help with promos at all, now that I think about it…and as I type this, my issue is resolved. Gail Kim’s line about the Bellas having nothing to do with no guest hosts around was pretty funny, though.

Tag match was pretty good. Um…yeah. That’s it I guess. I need to see Husky’s finisher another time or two to decide if I like it.

A CM Punk/Wade Barrett main event. That’s good stuff, ladies and gents. Cena was pretty entertaining. Anyway, interesting stipulation to have one of the groups kicked out of the Rumble. Also interesting because I could see both Punk AND Barrett as potential winners. That may seem far-fetched (as far as Barrett goes), but there are lots of young guys getting big pushes right now so there are a lot of possibilities! But that got worked out with both of them being in the Rumble, so no worries. Big Show’s music took me a bit by surprised, but then of course they have to have a massive brawl before the Rumble!!

I really don’t know what’s going to happen at that PPV, which is cool.

The Corre, eh? Okay. Fine name but I’m not entirely sure why it has two “r”s in it. Man, Wade Barrett can talk. What I like so far about this group is that it seems like each member is keeping his personality a bit more, where in Nexus they were all members of Nexus and were kind of just a mob of sameness.

Del Rio is EVERYWHERE. His “My name is Alberto Del Rio” thing reminds me of when Dolph Ziggler debuted and went around shaking hands and saying, “Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler!”

Wow, Drew McIntyre and Trent Baretta had a really good match again.

The main event was quite good as well; Justin Gabriel did just fine against Edge. Good things are happening with these young guys for sure!!

Not much to say tonight I guess. It was a good episode, though. The matches were good and nothing got TOO ridiculous. I’m not quite sure where they’re going with this Teddy Long thing so that could be interesting.

Apparently CM Punk got hit in the face by a young fan at a house show this weekend. As long as everyone’s okay (which they seem to be…but notice the scratches on his eye?), it’s amusing. And really that shows you how good he is at what he does. I mean come on. The kid hated him enough to actually hit him!

They’ve been doing a lot of brand mixing lately. It’s usually just one or two guys, so I think it works well. Kinda keeps things interesting.

Crowd was pretty dead when they announced the Usos, and not a whole lot louder with Santino and Kozlov.

Seems like John Morrison is getting quite the push. I like him, and I think he’s been getting a more diverse move set lately which is good.

I’m not sure why but I feel like Miz is being overshadowed by the Nexus stuff a bit. It’s probably just me. But I hardly care to pay attention to him beating Orton up anymore. Seen it.

Uh, let’s talk about how beating people with straps isn’t quite PG. Punk was creepy as hell last week, haha. But he’s good at it and the New Nexus is making a statement. Lawler’s doing a good job talking all the bad stuff down, though. I enjoyed the main event actually. That dude who came out looked like Batista a bit. He looked like Tyson Kidd’s body guard or one of the NXT rookies or an FCW guy…I have no idea. There are a few of them that look really alike to me. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Man, 40 people in the Royal Rumble (I say “people” in the hopes that Beth Phoenix might hop in again. Admit it, that’s cool.). That’s an awful lot. I think if they keep it under control and don’t have too many in the ring at once it can work out. But it also shouldn’t last too long or people might lose interest. But I don’t think it’ll be detrimental. There are so many guys who could win right now and have it make sense, too, which I think is spectacular.

I unexpectedly get to watch SmackDown live on a real TV tonight! Exciting.

I had the first segment of promos muted actually (I know, failing already, haha) but that’s okay. I’m really damn sick of R-Truth. Cody Rhodes is looking pretty fit these days. Not that he didn’t before…but as a friend pointed out he was always a little overshadowed standing next to Orton. But anyway, he looked really good in the match. He was really selling well. And I’m happy that Truth didn’t botch anything today (especially that electric chair, yikes). I haven’t been impressed with his ring work lately, which honestly is separate from his theme song.

Trent Baretta and Drew McIntyre had a good match. Didn’t totally expect Trent to win, either, so that was kinda neat. Kelly did a decent job with the promo. Wish she’d hit him, though.

Hm, I’d like to hear Barrett’s theme song a little more. I couldn’t really tell what was going on there. Sounded a little like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, but I’m probably crazy. Oh hey there, Slater and Gabriel! I didn’t see that coming actually, though I probably should have. I like it though, for now. Also, Zeke is back as a heel. I thought they were going to go the other way with that, but I’m not sure that would have been a great idea. Holy cow, he picked up Big Show though.

Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix had a good match too. Usually you can count on those two…I’d just like a little more variety in the Divas matches I guess, though the Diva roster on SmackDown doesn’t really allow for that. Rumors of Awesome Kong to WWE, though…!

Great to see Kofi in the ring and cutting a promo. Keep pushin’ him!

Always nice to see The Cutting Edge. And since I like Dolph Ziggler and think Vickie is pretty entertaining, I was excited for this one. Seriously, Vickie has MASSIVE heat. She has lost a lot of weight though and has kept going, so good for her. Oh I called that wedding planner segment – ahem, Alicia Fox! – a good two minutes before it happened. I temporarily forgot the Kaitlyn thing actually. But anyway, Vickie is a beast, in a good way. How good was she.

I always enjoy the Royal Rumble commercials. They just have a neat way of getting a ton of the guys in it.

You know what, having Michael Cole on both RAW and SmackDown is brilliant. People really HATE him, and love to hate him! (I’m not one of them, but still.) Also the 3 man teams are working out quite well on both shows (well I guess RAW’s announcing has been a little bit all over the place lately, but even then). Having 3 guys talking could be tough but for the most part they do it well (once in a while Striker and Cole get a little too into it, but it’s still entertaining).

Hello, all! Hope everyone had a fun (and safe) New Years celebration.
Obviously my updates have been even less than sporadic…been travelling a lot and haven’t had much time to catch up on everything I missed. I started posts about some of the shows but it’s easier to just watch them so I know what’s happening, and leave posting for when I can better watch what I’m watching. But here’s what I started. Hopefully posts will be back to normal soon…perhaps by next Monday, but definitely by next Friday!

Wow, Jackson Andrews (Tyson Kidd’s bodyguard) is absolutely massive.

They just got Miz a new briefcase…? That’s dumb. He shouldn’t even have been carrying the other one around anymore, and now they replaced it. I guess it’s to show his arrogance or something, but the belt is enough. Of course, it’s making me hate him more I guess, so it works! Good work again, WWE. You know, I still enjoy watching Jerry Lawler wrestle a lot.

Did not expect the fiery red hair on Alicia Fox. That’s a great color, though.

Soooo. Punk is the new head of Nexus. That could go well, it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

Okay, the New Years Eve SmackDown was an amazing night for Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler. They started off with an amazing promo and finished with a spectacular match. Once again, the future is bright.

Good to see Trent Baretta get ring time. I like him a lot.