I unexpectedly get to watch SmackDown live on a real TV tonight! Exciting.

I had the first segment of promos muted actually (I know, failing already, haha) but that’s okay. I’m really damn sick of R-Truth. Cody Rhodes is looking pretty fit these days. Not that he didn’t before…but as a friend pointed out he was always a little overshadowed standing next to Orton. But anyway, he looked really good in the match. He was really selling well. And I’m happy that Truth didn’t botch anything today (especially that electric chair, yikes). I haven’t been impressed with his ring work lately, which honestly is separate from his theme song.

Trent Baretta and Drew McIntyre had a good match. Didn’t totally expect Trent to win, either, so that was kinda neat. Kelly did a decent job with the promo. Wish she’d hit him, though.

Hm, I’d like to hear Barrett’s theme song a little more. I couldn’t really tell what was going on there. Sounded a little like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, but I’m probably crazy. Oh hey there, Slater and Gabriel! I didn’t see that coming actually, though I probably should have. I like it though, for now. Also, Zeke is back as a heel. I thought they were going to go the other way with that, but I’m not sure that would have been a great idea. Holy cow, he picked up Big Show though.

Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix had a good match too. Usually you can count on those two…I’d just like a little more variety in the Divas matches I guess, though the Diva roster on SmackDown doesn’t really allow for that. Rumors of Awesome Kong to WWE, though…!

Great to see Kofi in the ring and cutting a promo. Keep pushin’ him!

Always nice to see The Cutting Edge. And since I like Dolph Ziggler and think Vickie is pretty entertaining, I was excited for this one. Seriously, Vickie has MASSIVE heat. She has lost a lot of weight though and has kept going, so good for her. Oh I called that wedding planner segment – ahem, Alicia Fox! – a good two minutes before it happened. I temporarily forgot the Kaitlyn thing actually. But anyway, Vickie is a beast, in a good way. How good was she.

I always enjoy the Royal Rumble commercials. They just have a neat way of getting a ton of the guys in it.

You know what, having Michael Cole on both RAW and SmackDown is brilliant. People really HATE him, and love to hate him! (I’m not one of them, but still.) Also the 3 man teams are working out quite well on both shows (well I guess RAW’s announcing has been a little bit all over the place lately, but even then). Having 3 guys talking could be tough but for the most part they do it well (once in a while Striker and Cole get a little too into it, but it’s still entertaining).