Apparently CM Punk got hit in the face by a young fan at a house show this weekend. As long as everyone’s okay (which they seem to be…but notice the scratches on his eye?), it’s amusing. And really that shows you how good he is at what he does. I mean come on. The kid hated him enough to actually hit him!

They’ve been doing a lot of brand mixing lately. It’s usually just one or two guys, so I think it works well. Kinda keeps things interesting.

Crowd was pretty dead when they announced the Usos, and not a whole lot louder with Santino and Kozlov.

Seems like John Morrison is getting quite the push. I like him, and I think he’s been getting a more diverse move set lately which is good.

I’m not sure why but I feel like Miz is being overshadowed by the Nexus stuff a bit. It’s probably just me. But I hardly care to pay attention to him beating Orton up anymore. Seen it.

Uh, let’s talk about how beating people with straps isn’t quite PG. Punk was creepy as hell last week, haha. But he’s good at it and the New Nexus is making a statement. Lawler’s doing a good job talking all the bad stuff down, though. I enjoyed the main event actually. That dude who came out looked like Batista a bit. He looked like Tyson Kidd’s body guard or one of the NXT rookies or an FCW guy…I have no idea. There are a few of them that look really alike to me. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Man, 40 people in the Royal Rumble (I say “people” in the hopes that Beth Phoenix might hop in again. Admit it, that’s cool.). That’s an awful lot. I think if they keep it under control and don’t have too many in the ring at once it can work out. But it also shouldn’t last too long or people might lose interest. But I don’t think it’ll be detrimental. There are so many guys who could win right now and have it make sense, too, which I think is spectacular.