Hm, didn’t take long to get a confrontation between the New Nexus and the Corre.

I’m not sure I like Melina as a heel a whole. Then again I’m not sure I like Melina’s gimmick ever (and the screaming drives me crazy, but not in a good way). Very athletic though, no question. Match wasn’t spectacular but it was good. Pretty short, especially for a title match, but I figured something would happen with the Rumble. I’ll be pretty annoyed if LayCool wins. Unless it’s a vehicle to get Beth Phoenix the belt. She’s feuding with LayCool anyway, so that works out; having her go against Natalya wouldn’t make sense right now. So if that’s the end result it’s cool. I’m just sick of LayCool. Still.

Dolph Ziggler winning the belt on Sunday would be pretty great. I liked having him and Vickie at the announce table, it was entertaining. I enjoyed the match though it was a bit chaotic, especially with the extra banter announcing. But it wasn’t one that the outcome “mattered” so…yeah.

This Bella drama is doing nothing for me. I feel like Daniel Bryan doesn’t need to be in a tag match with them either, haha. Maybe a manager but one that won’t overshadow him too much with drama. Though I’m not sure he needs help with promos at all, now that I think about it…and as I type this, my issue is resolved. Gail Kim’s line about the Bellas having nothing to do with no guest hosts around was pretty funny, though.

Tag match was pretty good. Um…yeah. That’s it I guess. I need to see Husky’s finisher another time or two to decide if I like it.

A CM Punk/Wade Barrett main event. That’s good stuff, ladies and gents. Cena was pretty entertaining. Anyway, interesting stipulation to have one of the groups kicked out of the Rumble. Also interesting because I could see both Punk AND Barrett as potential winners. That may seem far-fetched (as far as Barrett goes), but there are lots of young guys getting big pushes right now so there are a lot of possibilities! But that got worked out with both of them being in the Rumble, so no worries. Big Show’s music took me a bit by surprised, but then of course they have to have a massive brawl before the Rumble!!

I really don’t know what’s going to happen at that PPV, which is cool.