Oh, nice. A “your excused” sign. Please check your grammar and spelling before making a sign for an internationally televised event. Thanks, kids. (Sorry, all, but your/you’re and there/their/they’re are big ones for me. Especially with the whole TV thing and all.) Ha, Randy and his “excuse me.” Good work.

I was happy to see Kaitlyn (back I guess you could say?). It seems like they didn’t ask her to do a lot, which is fine since I’m not sure how ready she is or isn’t to have a match on SmackDown. But she held up her end just fine.

The McIntyre/JTG match was alright. Wasn’t thrilled with the amount of backslide-type things JTG tried, but hey. The Kelly Kelly thing is weird. Wonder if that was going to be Tiffany at one point.

Cody Rhodes’s promo was slightly lengthy but very well done. And pulled of without being able to see his emotion or anything, quite good.

Haha, I’m enjoying how Tarver is still showing up in random spots.

Man, Del Rio’s got the best gimmick ever getting to drive all those cars.

The main event was pretty exciting. I see Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge being a show stopper on Sunday. We’ll see how this “no spear” thing works out.