By a bit of a stroke of luck I was able to watch most of the Rumble!

Unfortunately I missed all but the very end of Edge vs. Ziggler which I really wanted to see. That’s okay. I did want Ziggler to win, but the fact that he would have had to do so without Edge being able to use a spear would have cheapened it a bit. It worked out and I certainly don’t dislike Edge. Using the Killswitch was a nice touch, I must say.

For some reason I wasn’t into the Orton vs. Miz match. I just didn’t care enough about the feud. It was a solid match…but I’m pretty sick of not having clean finishes, especially ones that involve Nexus or something (especially Alex Riley).

Divas match. I probably should refrain from expressing how unhappy I am that Eve now has the title. I mean, I was kind of annoyed that they put her in the match to start with, and then she wins. She’s not the worst, but certainly not the best, and I think other Divas are more deserving. Plus it came out of NOWHERE. Maybe Kong’ll kick her ass.

And finally, the Rumble itself! 40 guys is huge. I thought for a while there that Punk might do it, but I wanted it to be without Nexus the whole way through. But then Cena comes in and defies impossible odds (again). Hornswoggle was entertaining mostly because he was hitting everyone’s finishers, not just Cena’s. It was harmless having him in the way they did. Now let’s talk about Booker T and Kevin Nash/Diesel! Exciting stuff, though the latter I had seen lots of rumors of. I missed a bit of Nash, but Booker looked really damn good.

I have to say, for a while I was losing faith. I thought Cena might win it, which would have just been not that exciting for me. And it would have been predictable. Same for Orton. I was really pulling for either Barrett or Del Rio at the end. I’d say overall though that all 40 guys did a great job. I don’t remember seeing anyone really mess something up, and the wrestling itself was generally good.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about Del Rio winning! I’ve liked him since he debuted; he is a really good wrestler and he has promo skills to match. I’m also glad a young guy is getting a chance to be in the main event; there is a lot of young talent right now and it’s cool!

So, it wasn’t my favorite PPV. The wrestling wasn’t really the issue, though, I just wasn’t totally thrilled with how some of the winners and story lines turned out. Certainly not terrible, though; the Rumble is always exciting, especially to see who will show up!