Man, I wish I was going to WrestleMania again.

They are playing Del Rio’s gimmick perfectly. A mariachi band and everything! Who could like a pompous jerk flaunting his riches by tooting his own horn?! Brilliant Ricardo’s doing pretty great, too. Well played by Edge! I’m so glad Del Rio ‘chose’ the World Heavyweight Championship, though. Especially if it’s still Edge (my best are that it will be), that should be a killer match.

Is it bad that I’m kind of amused that McGillicutty’s trunks say, “ruthless” because if they said his name it’d be….not cool? Tag match was pretty good. Orton’s got the crazy eyes down quite well the past couple nights, eh?

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, I would love to see a match between him and CM Punk. They worked alone a bit during the Rumble and it was good stuff. Bryan’s match with Tyson Kidd was short but the small amount we saw was good. That could be fun to continue as well.
What is this Gail Kim bashing stuff though? The Bellas have like, turned into a tame, less creative version of LayCool or something.

Edge and Miz had a pretty good match. Is anyone else kind of annoyed that any match that gets any significant time at all is interrupted by an appearance on the ramp/elsewhere in the arena, or the Nexus/Corre? Or some other way doesn’t have quite a clean finish (Riley, Vickie, etc.)?

Yeah, I’m still not really cool with Eve having the title right now.

Eh, Khali. I’m not his biggest fan. Like the GM, I was sure the Usos had no chance. I didn’t vote for the dance-off, though. The Usos were entertaining. And you know, Khali and Mark Henry were, too. It was ridiculous and I think they all realized it haha.

You know those cryptic, dark, rainy commercials with the creepy house proclaiming, “2-21-11?” I wonder if that’s Undertaker or something.

Yeah, I can watch the replay of what John Morrison did at the Rumble tons of times. So cool. I wasn’t entirely convinced the “Raw Rumble” was a good idea, but i found myself still enjoying it. Also then it saved the inevitable run-in interruptions, since that was the point.
Jerry Lawler’s going to unleash on Cole at some point, either verbally or physically, and it’s going to be hilarious. I would like for him (King) to have a match at ‘Mania. He really does deserve it, and I think he can still pull off a good match and at the moment is definitely relevant and liked enough for it. Especially against Miz. But we’ll see how Elimination Chamber goes (they sure do come up fast!)…wonder if Cole will somehow have a part in things.