Hello, all! Hope everyone had a fun (and safe) New Years celebration.
Obviously my updates have been even less than sporadic…been travelling a lot and haven’t had much time to catch up on everything I missed. I started posts about some of the shows but it’s easier to just watch them so I know what’s happening, and leave posting for when I can better watch what I’m watching. But here’s what I started. Hopefully posts will be back to normal soon…perhaps by next Monday, but definitely by next Friday!

Wow, Jackson Andrews (Tyson Kidd’s bodyguard) is absolutely massive.

They just got Miz a new briefcase…? That’s dumb. He shouldn’t even have been carrying the other one around anymore, and now they replaced it. I guess it’s to show his arrogance or something, but the belt is enough. Of course, it’s making me hate him more I guess, so it works! Good work again, WWE. You know, I still enjoy watching Jerry Lawler wrestle a lot.

Did not expect the fiery red hair on Alicia Fox. That’s a great color, though.

Soooo. Punk is the new head of Nexus. That could go well, it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

Okay, the New Years Eve SmackDown was an amazing night for Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler. They started off with an amazing promo and finished with a spectacular match. Once again, the future is bright.

Good to see Trent Baretta get ring time. I like him a lot.