February 2011

Well, goodbye February. That was quick!

I’m not 100% sure saying “the only challenge you/I have left” is the best choice because you’re calling everyone else inferior. I mean, I get it, you need to make a big deal and stuff, but don’t piss anyone (well, too many people) off haha.

EVAN BOURNE. I didn’t expect that, either! Damn, they’re good. Oh, man, I missed that Shooting Star Press.

Haha man Michael Cole is so good at being an ass. He’s even kicking it up a notch! Hm, interesting. I didn’t pick Swagger as Cole’s trainer, though I see that working well. Disinfecting the headset really was a nice touch.

A little, uh, violent there Mr. Orton. You know what, making Nexus members win matches to be allowed at ‘Mania is an interesting idea, I kinda like it.

I think I’ve figured out part of what bothers people so much about The Miz. He makes claims that are SO ridiculous that it’s just dumb. Sure it makes us angry (I guess), but they’re just so outlandish that it’s almost laughable and doesn’t even make you angry enough to hate him as a heel. It’s just a dumb character. Anyway.

Cena’s props are entertaining to me.

Okay. Divas battle royals make me angry. I think they are all capable of going over the top rope, not just through any of them; I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. But the “twin switch” thing this time did not make ANY sense at ALL. Nor do I feel the Bellas deserve a Divas title match. Dumb.

Aaand I love The Rock.
Being able to deliver such a good promo through a video, in a room with a static and kind of flat setting, is probably tough. But hot damn that was fun to watch. The middle was maybe just a touch of them saying, hey maybe we should have Rock explain why he left…or something, but still. Fun to watch, got the crowd going, and building a story. Pro wrestling. You yabba dabba bitch.

I know Miz hates Daniel Bryan, but…why bother?

I’d like to share that Miz was actually Tweeting during the match. That’s pretty good. Hm, I wonder what the deal with Alex Riley will be now. I can’t make too much of a comment on his wrestling because somehow I feel like that match didn’t have a ton of it, haha.

Mistico/Sin Cara! I’m only a little bit familiar with his history and work, but I know he’s a big deal. His style is similar to Rey Mysterio, not surprisingly, but I recommend looking up some matches if you have a chance. High fliers are fun to watch. I hope he fits well into the WWE!

In other wrestling-related news, Chris Jericho is on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. Is it bad that I’m actually curious how he’ll do? I mean, he’s obviously ver fit and physically able to do things so it might be interesting to see how that translates to ballroom dance. Or not. I guess we’ll find out. That might be a “what short YouTube clip can I find” kind of deal for me.

Also in less-related news, Otunga’s girlfriend/wife, Jennifer Hudson, looks amazing. Maybe she and Vickie have been working out! (No, that’s not meant to be mean or a dig at either; they both genuinely have lost a lot of weight and look good.)

Whoa. Cody pulling Rey’s mask off actually made me gasp a little, haha. I know we didn’t see his face, but still. That’s a big deal.

You know what I like about Edge? He always seems like he’s enjoying himself. All the time in entrances, promos, etc. I mean obviously not when he’s being attacked or whatever, but it just genuinely seems like he likes what he’s doing, and that’s cool. Plus he’s good at it.

Also, I like that Vickie is able to make fun of herself a little. She’s so good at being the evil character and she plays right to it and encourages people to hate her. Yes it’s a job and all, but people do give the wrestlers crap in real life sometimes!

Anyway. Overall a good SmackDown. I just didn’t find myself having much to say. Nothing really stood out to me, but not because things were bad.

Finally 2-21-11. Exciting.

Big things happened last night at Elimination Chamber (kindly called “No Way Out” in Germany…). Trish Stratus appeared and was announced as one of the trainers for Tough Enough. She also helped beat down LayCool, woohoo. I didn’t quite catch all of the show but CM Punk was stellar. He’s not just a heel, he’s a supervillain. Miz/Lawler was a good match but I’m bummed how it turned out. I still want King to get a match at ‘Mania somehow. Maybe against Michael Cole hahaha.

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Cena’s rhyming but it was entertaining. They are skirting the PG line (but then again, some of the double entendres might not be understood by the kidies). This feud is good.

I can’t imagine how much some of these guys must hurt after things like Elim Chamber (or TLC or something). Like, there is actually metal there, and they do hit/fall on it. Look at CM Punk’s leg from last night (but not if you’re real squeamish haha): http://yfrog.com/h2mw9hfj. Ouch.

I’m glad to see Scott Armstrong back as a ref!

Kofi is good at the whole aggression thing…especially as shown by the MSG show and match against Orton last year!

So, George Washington an Abe Lincoln being in the AllStars game is hilarious.

Divas match was decent.

Yesss Undertaker! He is such a badass. Well BAM. Didn’t expect HHH, too! Well played, WWE, well played. They’ve been good at keeping secrets lately. Damn, another soundless promo. Good stuff.

Hacksaw!! I like him. Good for him.

So, uh, about that ‘Mania match for King with Cole haha. Hopefully that will happen.

Slater’s good a good black eye going on, too. I hope he goes far, I think he has a lot of potential. The match(es?) was good, I think Slater and Gabriel looked like they belonged in the main event which is good. So I know the Miz is a jerk and all, but him ruining his own chance to a belt is dumb, even if it’s one that doesn’t matter.

Wow, Ziggler had a really good counter for Morrison’s ‘starship pain,’ I liked that. The giant tag match was actually quite good. It’s predictable but still kind of makes me laugh when they all start hitting finishers one after the other. The crowd was definitely into that match, too. I thought it’d be boring but it was not!

Ha the Cody Rhodes promo was good if not a touch over the top. I expect nothing less, though.

Good call pairing Eve with Beth Phoenix. Added legitimacy in my opinion. What? Anyway. Where has Beth been the past couple weeks though? I was all excited that she was back and then…she wasn’t. The match went fine, though. I really do think they’ve realized that if a Diva is limited in the ring, let her do what she’s good at and nothing more and it will be FINE!

So, usually I’m annoyed by and/or try to skip replays…but I gladly watched The Rock’s promo again. Damn.

Miz and Kofi had a good match. I liked that Del Rio didn’t actually touch anyone (except hitting Kofi with the scarf) but was still a disruption. It was more effective than the whole entrance music plus after-match beatdown.

I’m not always the biggest Teddy Long fan, but he did a good job being angry. I had sort of forgotten about him but as soon as Vickie mentioned him earlier in the show I kind of figured he had to stop Ziggler from getting the belt somehow. Good match. I wonder what will happen with all of these ‘firings.’

I liked the clips they showed from old SmackDowns. I wish they’d shown more, though. 600 is a big number, I would’ve liked a touch more of the history. I really can’t complain too much, though, it was a good show!

Happy Valentine’s Day and such. Hope everyone had some chocolate and good company…which ideally would be every day!

Read that Jerry Lawler’s mother passed away yesterday (and that being the reason he’s not at RAW). Very sad; my thoughts to him and his family.

I enjoyed the Nexus arm sneaking out from under the ring. That was actually quite creative since it was just the arm and all. The wrench was kind of odd but okay.

Wow, the amount of “lumberjills” was kind of sad. Divas on 3 sides of the ring, and not many of them. Eve jumping on them was kinda dumb if you think about it. The ending was crap. The entire match kind of was. And just when I thought things were getting better. Rough.

Neat that Rev Theory is there. I like their music; met them after a show a while ago and they seemed like cool guys.

Haha Michael Tarver standing casually backstage again.

Actually pretty impressed with Alex Riley as a broadcaster. Miz and Daniel Bryan had quite a good match, I liked it. I really liked the fact that Miz (finally) won clean, as well. That was good.

Hey, they didn’t show R-Truth’s entrance on TV! I knew this RAW was turning out better than I expected, hahaha. The tag match was good. Morrison got a little crazy and it worked well.

William Regal and Zack Ryder. That was a wonderful moment.

Hm, Orton and Sheamus didn’t have a super long match but I thought it told its story adequately, and isn’t that the point? Then of course chaos. Could’ve done without it, but I wasn’t surprised.

I didn’t think I’d care so much about the WrestleMania guest host, but I was very intrigued and couldn’t help being excited to hear the announcement! Oh, man, did they do a good job with that. The thought of The Rock had crossed my mind but there were so many options I didn’t really predict it. Holy crap this is exciting. Bye-bye PG apparently hahaha, I think they gave up censoring him after the first “ass.” Seriously, though, HOW GREAT WAS HE.

Let’s be honest here. How lucky did WWE get having an event in Green Bay two days after the Packers won the SuperBowl? Cheap heat galore!!! Especially with the whole Aaron Rodgers belt thing going on.

Del Rio’s giant heart-shaped box was pretty entertaining. And a Kofi promo! A wink and everything. Brilliant. Good match as well. Del Rio had some major welts on him; those kendo sticks are scary sometimes.

I still haven’t gotten used to the Corre music and it always confuses me for a second when I hear it. Not a bad match between Justin Gabriel and Kozlov. It was kind of short but I think it was a good length for that level of feud (which isn’t much at the moment).

The last few moves of the McIntyre/Masters match were impressive.

You know, I like how Rey Mysterio translates for himself when he speaks Spanish. I speak none myself so I never really know what’s going on, but he repeats what he said in English which I find not only helpful, but also see it as just a good idea for the percentage of the viewership that is like me. I don’t want them to keep secrets from me! (Okay obviously that’s not how I feel, but still.) Mysterio and Wade Barrett also put on quite a good match. Of course they had to have a Corre run in, but whatever. The rest was great. Still quite impressed by Ezekiel Jackson’s strength.

End LayCool, do it now. Hahaha did you hear the “go Pack go” chant during the Divas match? Mayhaps showing that nobody cared about the match? In all fairness, though, Eve looked better wrestling-wise and Layla’s been doing fine for a while now, so it was a pretty good match.

Unfortunately the last match was slightly spoilered for me by watching ESPN on Wednesday but I kind of could have predicted the general outcome anyway. Good match, though, I enjoyed it. And instead of cheap heat at the end, they got a golden opportunity to put Edge over REAL easy with the crowd, haha.

Apparently Vickie’s daughter (and, of course, Eddie Guerrero’s as well) wrestled her first match in FCW this weekend. Don’t know much more than that, but it’s kinda neat.

So I’m not sure where Matt Striker is right now…maybe he’ll be on RAW while King is wrestling. But I like Josh Matthews so I’m glad he’s around. I think Booker T did a better job this week, so that will probably end up working out nicely. Also, 600th SmackDown could be fun next week!

VINCE. Except…he wasn’t fun. Hm. Guest host of WrestleMania I think he said? Interesting. I hope that’s not terrible.

WHOA 2008 flashback. Weird that I remember that really well, too. I still laugh when the table slides. Interesting angle, though. [Side note: I’ve been trying to make time for a post about “wrestling years” and how they’re kind of sped up, but I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll keep workin’ on that.] Punk’s nose was bleeding pretty good. I missed what caused it because I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have been, but it definitely looks a bit offset. Ouch.

Oops, Truth. Green Bay is tomorrow night for SmackDown. Haha the crowd even got pissed. Is it bad to say I’ve been waiting for him to screw that up since he started saying the city name? Maybe I’ve seen Spinal Tap too many times but it was bound to happen. Crap, stopped paying attention again. Mason Ryan is a beast though. Wait, what? You can’t DQ someone when the match is over…this is just ridiculous.

Oh right, Diva drama. Because all women act like catty middle schoolers (see LayCool). Wait, that’s not right either. Moving on. Nice to see Gail Kim in a match finally since, you know, she used to be good at wrestling and all. Eve’s finisher was actually impressive (I think…would have liked a replay). Overall the match was good. I’d like to see Tamina actually get some wrestling in though.

Speaking of Spinal Tap…I always worry (hope? haha) there will be a Tap moment at Elimination Chamber and one of the pods will get stuck.

The young New Nexus guys are getting some individual time in the ring, which is cool. Definitely a youth movement or whatever you’d like to call it. Morrison and McGillicutty had a good match. And…hairspray? I like the idea of an attack by Punk (it’s really unavoidable) and I guess that was creative, but…I dunno. This RAW is too odd for me.

Hm, Alex Riley sounded pretty good when he was at the announce table. Black ropes in the corners for the tag teams. More subtle, it’s kinda nice since they are largely disregarded anyway. That match (Miz and DiBiase vs. King and Daniel Bryan) was actually quite good. It was good wrestling and told a good story. Bryan’s fun to watch.

Well look at Dolph Ziggler in his fancy suit. I think that fits his gimmick pretty well, though. As does Miz when he gets dressed (up). Could you see Orton in a suit? Eh, might not work as well. (I have nothing else to say right now.) I did enjoy Cena’s promo. He did a good job of being a little funny and keeping up his Cena spirit.

Interesting (been using that word a lot tonight) that they didn’t make Punk change his wrist wraps since they’re covered in blood since they usually try to hide that. Good for him for wrestling with whatever technically happened to his nose, though. I can’t imagine that’s a fun thing to try, even if it’s not fully broken. Oh, man. Punk’s just getting beat the hell up, isn’t he?

I dunno, I can’t take angry Kelly seriously.

Heath Slater looked great in the tag match. Nice to see him get some non-random attack ring time.

I quite enjoyed the Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre match. I liked how Cole and Matthews stood up to get away when Drew and Kofi were over there but Booker T just sat unfazed. Anywho, Kofi has been really impressive lately (and really always has). Does anyone else remember that amazing promo he did on RAW where he destroyed Randy Orton’s racecar? With the paint and everything. That was freaking amazing. Let’s get Kofi on the mic more!

How does Ezekiel Jackson pick these massive people up! It’s crazy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Kelly is defending the World Heavyweight Championship!” What? Anyway. Her spear actually worked out. And see, she doesn’t look awful if you don’t make her do too much; play to her strengths and she looks talented. Except…then…yeah. If she was so angry and empowered earlier, why didn’t she just smack the hell out of Vickie (again)?

Howdy, folks!
Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this slightly insane weather a large part of the country is having.

A friend just sent me a link to this video and I wanted to share it. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but it’s also brilliant. This is sports entertainment; it really is entertaining! And quite well done.
An excerpt from a recent CZW show:
Enjoy 🙂