I dunno, I can’t take angry Kelly seriously.

Heath Slater looked great in the tag match. Nice to see him get some non-random attack ring time.

I quite enjoyed the Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre match. I liked how Cole and Matthews stood up to get away when Drew and Kofi were over there but Booker T just sat unfazed. Anywho, Kofi has been really impressive lately (and really always has). Does anyone else remember that amazing promo he did on RAW where he destroyed Randy Orton’s racecar? With the paint and everything. That was freaking amazing. Let’s get Kofi on the mic more!

How does Ezekiel Jackson pick these massive people up! It’s crazy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Kelly is defending the World Heavyweight Championship!” What? Anyway. Her spear actually worked out. And see, she doesn’t look awful if you don’t make her do too much; play to her strengths and she looks talented. Except…then…yeah. If she was so angry and empowered earlier, why didn’t she just smack the hell out of Vickie (again)?