VINCE. Except…he wasn’t fun. Hm. Guest host of WrestleMania I think he said? Interesting. I hope that’s not terrible.

WHOA 2008 flashback. Weird that I remember that really well, too. I still laugh when the table slides. Interesting angle, though. [Side note: I’ve been trying to make time for a post about “wrestling years” and how they’re kind of sped up, but I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll keep workin’ on that.] Punk’s nose was bleeding pretty good. I missed what caused it because I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have been, but it definitely looks a bit offset. Ouch.

Oops, Truth. Green Bay is tomorrow night for SmackDown. Haha the crowd even got pissed. Is it bad to say I’ve been waiting for him to screw that up since he started saying the city name? Maybe I’ve seen Spinal Tap too many times but it was bound to happen. Crap, stopped paying attention again. Mason Ryan is a beast though. Wait, what? You can’t DQ someone when the match is over…this is just ridiculous.

Oh right, Diva drama. Because all women act like catty middle schoolers (see LayCool). Wait, that’s not right either. Moving on. Nice to see Gail Kim in a match finally since, you know, she used to be good at wrestling and all. Eve’s finisher was actually impressive (I think…would have liked a replay). Overall the match was good. I’d like to see Tamina actually get some wrestling in though.

Speaking of Spinal Tap…I always worry (hope? haha) there will be a Tap moment at Elimination Chamber and one of the pods will get stuck.

The young New Nexus guys are getting some individual time in the ring, which is cool. Definitely a youth movement or whatever you’d like to call it. Morrison and McGillicutty had a good match. And…hairspray? I like the idea of an attack by Punk (it’s really unavoidable) and I guess that was creative, but…I dunno. This RAW is too odd for me.

Hm, Alex Riley sounded pretty good when he was at the announce table. Black ropes in the corners for the tag teams. More subtle, it’s kinda nice since they are largely disregarded anyway. That match (Miz and DiBiase vs. King and Daniel Bryan) was actually quite good. It was good wrestling and told a good story. Bryan’s fun to watch.

Well look at Dolph Ziggler in his fancy suit. I think that fits his gimmick pretty well, though. As does Miz when he gets dressed (up). Could you see Orton in a suit? Eh, might not work as well. (I have nothing else to say right now.) I did enjoy Cena’s promo. He did a good job of being a little funny and keeping up his Cena spirit.

Interesting (been using that word a lot tonight) that they didn’t make Punk change his wrist wraps since they’re covered in blood since they usually try to hide that. Good for him for wrestling with whatever technically happened to his nose, though. I can’t imagine that’s a fun thing to try, even if it’s not fully broken. Oh, man. Punk’s just getting beat the hell up, isn’t he?