Let’s be honest here. How lucky did WWE get having an event in Green Bay two days after the Packers won the SuperBowl? Cheap heat galore!!! Especially with the whole Aaron Rodgers belt thing going on.

Del Rio’s giant heart-shaped box was pretty entertaining. And a Kofi promo! A wink and everything. Brilliant. Good match as well. Del Rio had some major welts on him; those kendo sticks are scary sometimes.

I still haven’t gotten used to the Corre music and it always confuses me for a second when I hear it. Not a bad match between Justin Gabriel and Kozlov. It was kind of short but I think it was a good length for that level of feud (which isn’t much at the moment).

The last few moves of the McIntyre/Masters match were impressive.

You know, I like how Rey Mysterio translates for himself when he speaks Spanish. I speak none myself so I never really know what’s going on, but he repeats what he said in English which I find not only helpful, but also see it as just a good idea for the percentage of the viewership that is like me. I don’t want them to keep secrets from me! (Okay obviously that’s not how I feel, but still.) Mysterio and Wade Barrett also put on quite a good match. Of course they had to have a Corre run in, but whatever. The rest was great. Still quite impressed by Ezekiel Jackson’s strength.

End LayCool, do it now. Hahaha did you hear the “go Pack go” chant during the Divas match? Mayhaps showing that nobody cared about the match? In all fairness, though, Eve looked better wrestling-wise and Layla’s been doing fine for a while now, so it was a pretty good match.

Unfortunately the last match was slightly spoilered for me by watching ESPN on Wednesday but I kind of could have predicted the general outcome anyway. Good match, though, I enjoyed it. And instead of cheap heat at the end, they got a golden opportunity to put Edge over REAL easy with the crowd, haha.

Apparently Vickie’s daughter (and, of course, Eddie Guerrero’s as well) wrestled her first match in FCW this weekend. Don’t know much more than that, but it’s kinda neat.

So I’m not sure where Matt Striker is right now…maybe he’ll be on RAW while King is wrestling. But I like Josh Matthews so I’m glad he’s around. I think Booker T did a better job this week, so that will probably end up working out nicely. Also, 600th SmackDown could be fun next week!