Happy Valentine’s Day and such. Hope everyone had some chocolate and good company…which ideally would be every day!

Read that Jerry Lawler’s mother passed away yesterday (and that being the reason he’s not at RAW). Very sad; my thoughts to him and his family.

I enjoyed the Nexus arm sneaking out from under the ring. That was actually quite creative since it was just the arm and all. The wrench was kind of odd but okay.

Wow, the amount of “lumberjills” was kind of sad. Divas on 3 sides of the ring, and not many of them. Eve jumping on them was kinda dumb if you think about it. The ending was crap. The entire match kind of was. And just when I thought things were getting better. Rough.

Neat that Rev Theory is there. I like their music; met them after a show a while ago and they seemed like cool guys.

Haha Michael Tarver standing casually backstage again.

Actually pretty impressed with Alex Riley as a broadcaster. Miz and Daniel Bryan had quite a good match, I liked it. I really liked the fact that Miz (finally) won clean, as well. That was good.

Hey, they didn’t show R-Truth’s entrance on TV! I knew this RAW was turning out better than I expected, hahaha. The tag match was good. Morrison got a little crazy and it worked well.

William Regal and Zack Ryder. That was a wonderful moment.

Hm, Orton and Sheamus didn’t have a super long match but I thought it told its story adequately, and isn’t that the point? Then of course chaos. Could’ve done without it, but I wasn’t surprised.

I didn’t think I’d care so much about the WrestleMania guest host, but I was very intrigued and couldn’t help being excited to hear the announcement! Oh, man, did they do a good job with that. The thought of The Rock had crossed my mind but there were so many options I didn’t really predict it. Holy crap this is exciting. Bye-bye PG apparently hahaha, I think they gave up censoring him after the first “ass.” Seriously, though, HOW GREAT WAS HE.