Wow, Ziggler had a really good counter for Morrison’s ‘starship pain,’ I liked that. The giant tag match was actually quite good. It’s predictable but still kind of makes me laugh when they all start hitting finishers one after the other. The crowd was definitely into that match, too. I thought it’d be boring but it was not!

Ha the Cody Rhodes promo was good if not a touch over the top. I expect nothing less, though.

Good call pairing Eve with Beth Phoenix. Added legitimacy in my opinion. What? Anyway. Where has Beth been the past couple weeks though? I was all excited that she was back and then…she wasn’t. The match went fine, though. I really do think they’ve realized that if a Diva is limited in the ring, let her do what she’s good at and nothing more and it will be FINE!

So, usually I’m annoyed by and/or try to skip replays…but I gladly watched The Rock’s promo again. Damn.

Miz and Kofi had a good match. I liked that Del Rio didn’t actually touch anyone (except hitting Kofi with the scarf) but was still a disruption. It was more effective than the whole entrance music plus after-match beatdown.

I’m not always the biggest Teddy Long fan, but he did a good job being angry. I had sort of forgotten about him but as soon as Vickie mentioned him earlier in the show I kind of figured he had to stop Ziggler from getting the belt somehow. Good match. I wonder what will happen with all of these ‘firings.’

I liked the clips they showed from old SmackDowns. I wish they’d shown more, though. 600 is a big number, I would’ve liked a touch more of the history. I really can’t complain too much, though, it was a good show!