Finally 2-21-11. Exciting.

Big things happened last night at Elimination Chamber (kindly called “No Way Out” in Germany…). Trish Stratus appeared and was announced as one of the trainers for Tough Enough. She also helped beat down LayCool, woohoo. I didn’t quite catch all of the show but CM Punk was stellar. He’s not just a heel, he’s a supervillain. Miz/Lawler was a good match but I’m bummed how it turned out. I still want King to get a match at ‘Mania somehow. Maybe against Michael Cole hahaha.

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Cena’s rhyming but it was entertaining. They are skirting the PG line (but then again, some of the double entendres might not be understood by the kidies). This feud is good.

I can’t imagine how much some of these guys must hurt after things like Elim Chamber (or TLC or something). Like, there is actually metal there, and they do hit/fall on it. Look at CM Punk’s leg from last night (but not if you’re real squeamish haha): Ouch.

I’m glad to see Scott Armstrong back as a ref!

Kofi is good at the whole aggression thing…especially as shown by the MSG show and match against Orton last year!

So, George Washington an Abe Lincoln being in the AllStars game is hilarious.

Divas match was decent.

Yesss Undertaker! He is such a badass. Well BAM. Didn’t expect HHH, too! Well played, WWE, well played. They’ve been good at keeping secrets lately. Damn, another soundless promo. Good stuff.

Hacksaw!! I like him. Good for him.

So, uh, about that ‘Mania match for King with Cole haha. Hopefully that will happen.

Slater’s good a good black eye going on, too. I hope he goes far, I think he has a lot of potential. The match(es?) was good, I think Slater and Gabriel looked like they belonged in the main event which is good. So I know the Miz is a jerk and all, but him ruining his own chance to a belt is dumb, even if it’s one that doesn’t matter.