Whoa. Cody pulling Rey’s mask off actually made me gasp a little, haha. I know we didn’t see his face, but still. That’s a big deal.

You know what I like about Edge? He always seems like he’s enjoying himself. All the time in entrances, promos, etc. I mean obviously not when he’s being attacked or whatever, but it just genuinely seems like he likes what he’s doing, and that’s cool. Plus he’s good at it.

Also, I like that Vickie is able to make fun of herself a little. She’s so good at being the evil character and she plays right to it and encourages people to hate her. Yes it’s a job and all, but people do give the wrestlers crap in real life sometimes!

Anyway. Overall a good SmackDown. I just didn’t find myself having much to say. Nothing really stood out to me, but not because things were bad.