Well, goodbye February. That was quick!

I’m not 100% sure saying “the only challenge you/I have left” is the best choice because you’re calling everyone else inferior. I mean, I get it, you need to make a big deal and stuff, but don’t piss anyone (well, too many people) off haha.

EVAN BOURNE. I didn’t expect that, either! Damn, they’re good. Oh, man, I missed that Shooting Star Press.

Haha man Michael Cole is so good at being an ass. He’s even kicking it up a notch! Hm, interesting. I didn’t pick Swagger as Cole’s trainer, though I see that working well. Disinfecting the headset really was a nice touch.

A little, uh, violent there Mr. Orton. You know what, making Nexus members win matches to be allowed at ‘Mania is an interesting idea, I kinda like it.

I think I’ve figured out part of what bothers people so much about The Miz. He makes claims that are SO ridiculous that it’s just dumb. Sure it makes us angry (I guess), but they’re just so outlandish that it’s almost laughable and doesn’t even make you angry enough to hate him as a heel. It’s just a dumb character. Anyway.

Cena’s props are entertaining to me.

Okay. Divas battle royals make me angry. I think they are all capable of going over the top rope, not just through any of them; I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. But the “twin switch” thing this time did not make ANY sense at ALL. Nor do I feel the Bellas deserve a Divas title match. Dumb.

Aaand I love The Rock.
Being able to deliver such a good promo through a video, in a room with a static and kind of flat setting, is probably tough. But hot damn that was fun to watch. The middle was maybe just a touch of them saying, hey maybe we should have Rock explain why he left…or something, but still. Fun to watch, got the crowd going, and building a story. Pro wrestling. You yabba dabba bitch.

I know Miz hates Daniel Bryan, but…why bother?

I’d like to share that Miz was actually Tweeting during the match. That’s pretty good. Hm, I wonder what the deal with Alex Riley will be now. I can’t make too much of a comment on his wrestling because somehow I feel like that match didn’t have a ton of it, haha.

Mistico/Sin Cara! I’m only a little bit familiar with his history and work, but I know he’s a big deal. His style is similar to Rey Mysterio, not surprisingly, but I recommend looking up some matches if you have a chance. High fliers are fun to watch. I hope he fits well into the WWE!

In other wrestling-related news, Chris Jericho is on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. Is it bad that I’m actually curious how he’ll do? I mean, he’s obviously ver fit and physically able to do things so it might be interesting to see how that translates to ballroom dance. Or not. I guess we’ll find out. That might be a “what short YouTube clip can I find” kind of deal for me.

Also in less-related news, Otunga’s girlfriend/wife, Jennifer Hudson, looks amazing. Maybe she and Vickie have been working out! (No, that’s not meant to be mean or a dig at either; they both genuinely have lost a lot of weight and look good.)