March 2011

I don’t even know where to start! A great RAW, a really fun night. Lots of stuff going on! Also got to meet up with Fro from the Chicago sports-centered Fire Jerry Angelo – Fire Jim Hendry, which was very cool! (And hopefully he can help my memory if it fails.)

If anybody reading this was there, leave a comment and let me know how your experience was!

View of the ring from my seat:

I guess a good place to begin would be the beginning, haha. Ted DiBiase wrestled Mark Henry…I believe that was a dark match. They then taped NXT. Yeah…it’s pretty evident that not many people watch it. Personally I was excited to see the guys work since I hadn’t in a while. They did an arm wrestling challenge that got really loud “this is boring” chants…I’m not sure that was necessary. Those guys are working their asses off for this, I’d like them to get a little bit more credit (or, sure, a different type of show). Anyway. Then all 6 of the rookies were in a 3on3 tag match that I actually quite enjoyed!

The taping of Superstars was next. I was excited when one of the matches ended up being Curt Hawkins vs. Trent Baretta, they’re fun to watch (especially Trent!). It was good. There was a Divas match as well that seemed to go well.

Then, finally, it was time for RAW! CM Punk came out and the place was loud, both cheers and boos. I love Chicago. Really great promo, he’s good at what he does. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of that, though, was holding up my CM Punk sign and cheering loudly. Why was that my favorite? Because the small child two rows in front of me was totally giving me the stink eye for it and it was hilarious hahaha. The kid was not a Punk fan!

The offending sign. haha

Edge and Christian teaming up is spectacular. I love to watch them.

Undertaker and HHH…good stuff. I did not expect Shawn Michaels to be there so that was really cool too. They’ve really done an amazing job building this up with very minimal physicality.
This picture isn’t great, but the subject is.

You know what? I think the place was louder when Vickie Guerrero came out than any other time of the night. Yes, even The Rock. I know that sounds crazy but DAMN it was loud. I didn’t hear a word of her promo, only a cackle afterwards.

On a related note, Michael Cole got ALL sorts of heat as well, as one would expect. I love seeing him climb on his desk, it’s SO funny. Jerry Lawler will, hopefully, tear him apart on Sunday. And who doesn’t want that to happen?

People seemed super excited about the announcement of The Road Warriors being inducted into the Hall of Fame, too. That’s pretty awesome.

How great was it to see The Rock in person?? Uh, super great. Seriously I felt like a six year old kid going crazy again. If anything was as loud as Vickie’s heat, it was Rock’s entrance. He really is a presence. John Cena’s promo sounded really genuine though and I appreciate that. Chicago is not the most supportive of him but I think everyone has to recognize how hard he really does work. I have to say, too, that the Miz was on his game with his promo. I really liked it. Cena played his part perfectly the whole time there as well. It was just so exciting and fun to watch! And everyone was really emotionally invested in that whole thing. So cool.

Five minutes later and we’d gone forward in time four days for SmackDown! haha. They got to filming that very quick, I was impressed. I won’t give anything away but the 2 matches they filmed were good.

And at the end there was a non-televised main event! Yes, that’s right, MORE WRESTLING. Big tag match with everyone, basically. I like seeing the non-taped stuff, it seems like they have a lot of fun with it sometimes. It was a good, fun match.

It was a bit of a long night, a little tiring, but really, really amazing, fun, and worth every second. The arena was completely packed and everyone was LOUD. It’s really cool to see that other people are as into it as I am, haha. Really what it comes down to is that wrestling is awesome. WWE put on a great show leading up to WrestleMania by perpetuating the huge feuds they have going. The atmosphere was incredible and I already want more wrestling!!

Sorry for the delay on this one.
I am way excited for RAW tomorrow! I’ll be there with a CM Punk sign, though I haven’t decided if a CM Punk shirt or Zack Ryder shirt will be making an appearance. haha
Speaking of which, not sure what kind of post I’ll be able to have. I’ll try to get one together during the week but it’s kind of a busy one, so we’ll see. I may or may not take a camera, but if I do I’ll post any pictures that turn out okay!

I’d like to read Josh Matthews’s notes sometime, just curious what they say. He seems pretty diligent about writing them.

Great first match. Both Punk and Mysterio threw some nice moves in, and it was an exciting and quickly-paced match. It was a match that either one could have feasibly one, which I like. And then…they ruined the end, haha. Although I guess since it’s almost ‘Mania time it’s a bit more unlikely for a match to end cleanly.
I have to say the same thing for the Edge vs. McIntyre match, minus the bad ending. Good match, fun to watch, and I like Edge using that submission.

They’re doing a pretty good job building up Undertaker vs. HHH with the video packages. Those don’t suck.

It looks like Rosa has been working pretty hard and now she can wrestle. That’s exciting.

Jeez, Heath Slater’s got another black…can’t even say eye, it’s half of his face. Damn I’d forgotten how good Barrett is, too. Another really great match, maybe my favorite even. I like that the Corre really didn’t end up doing too much, so while their presence wasn’t my favorite it ended up okay. That finisher was awesome, I watched it a few times and I’m still not exactly sure how they pulled it off so well. I’m a little bummed they took the belt off of Kofi, but I think Barrett’s pretty deserving.

With all this “die trying” talk from HHH and Undertaker, I really want them to use the Art of Dying song “Die Trying” as some theme. I mean…come on! It’s a good song though. (It’s also the free single of the week on iTunes right now.)

The thing that was okay about R-Truth being out there was seeing Michael Cole climb all over his booth. It entertains me.

Another awesome match for the main event. I’m impressed with the level of wrestling this week. The level of interference in this one was also pretty minimal which was good; the wrestlers have to tell the story in the ring by themselves to make it worth it. I enjoyed Christian using the chair when Edge couldn’t though, heh.

Yeah, I thought JR two weeks in a row was to good to be true.

Hm, I wonder if this DiBiase push will actually end up being a push after ‘Mania or if he’s just the sacrificial lamb of the week.

I know Sheamus is US Champion and all, but I find myself not caring. I think part of it is that he was on a losing streak and then just won the belt (why’d he even get a shot then?), and now he has the title…but nothing has changed in his attitude, wrestling, etc. Maybe he’s too static and quiet for my liking? I’m not sure. Nice work having Bourne hit that amazing shooting star press even with him losing.

Divas match was decent. Not really polished but I wouldn’t quite say it was sloppy, so that’s good. And yeah, the interruptions aren’t really helping their case though.

I’m just not entirely certain why nobody (refs, other Superstars) come to help Jerry Lawler. It’s not like these attacks are surprises. It would be more plausible if someone even pretended to try to take Swagger out (and hey, create a feud real easy right there).

I certainly wouldn’t mind more Ziggler vs. Morrison matches. Trish Stratus back in the ring sure didn’t suck, either. Vickie getting the pin was pretty priceless, though, gotta say.

Haha wait. I figured they’d have a new belt as soon as Miz didn’t come out with one and there was a covered something, but that’s actually pretty funny. It’s the exact same thing as before, but not! That’s pretty genius.

Next week is going to be spectacular. I’m pretty excited I’ll be there.

Kofi and Sheamus had a good match. Maybe Kofi can get a belt again at some point here.

Interesting remix of Cody’s entrance music. I like it, it’s fitting.

Kelly Kelly is much more bearable to watch than she used to be. Play to their strengths!

Blah blah Corre…still impressed by Barrett being able to hold up the Big Show, though. Jeez.

Wow, DiBiase got some good height kicking ray out of the air. I liked how he managed to stop one of Rey’s twisting moves – he just caught him and it worked out quite nicely. I liked that match actually, they both did a really god job.

Big moves in the cage match. A lot of that was pretty impressive; I’ll say again how much I like Del Rio. You know what, that was a damn good match. It was fun to watch and had a good story going behind it.

Yeah, I’m glad the Bentley didn’t get smashed. That would be upsetting.

Yeah, The Rock is awesome. I’m loving him being back. I hope he sticks around after ‘Mania a bit.

Holy lord. How hilarious was Cole’s booth?! With his face and everything.

So, uh, I kind of forgot Alex Riley was fired. So I was EXTRA unsurprised by him coming in.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had a decent match. Bryan hit the ground hard at the end.

Haven’t seen Grand Master Sexay lately. Yeeeah. King pretty much gave him the business, though, didn’t he? Haha, I was entertained. But as all (two?) of you can probably imagine, I was quite excited to see JR! He looks like he’s doing pretty well. Except for the whole getting beat up thing. From his blogs and stuff I don’t think he really likes being involved in stories that require him to be in the ring like that, but he does okay.

I figured Punk vs. Orton would end up as a one-on-one match, and I’m glad it is. And so I guess Nexus is essentially gone, at least for a while. I think that’s probably quite a good thing.

Yeah, Vickie’s pretty much fit now. Good for her. She is also awesome and gets insane amounts of heat all the time. I guess that whole thing went a little better than I expected at least. Well, except maybe the part of Snookie being at WrestleMania. Although, I do admit, she annoyed me…not much at all, shockingly. And she got some air when she hit Layla.

Del Rio’s boots weren’t fully fastened and it was really distracting. Ha, Miz. Almost every time a wrestler impersonates another (I mean really goes for it) it entertains me. Remember when CM Punk came out as Jeff Hardy with the face paint and everything? That can be really good.

So, yeah. Not a terrible week, even pretty decent. Things are definitely ‘heating up’ with getting closer to WrestleMania.

Sorry for the delay.
Yeah I think I’m actually scared of Brodus Clay, haha. He is much less jolly than the Big Show. FINALLY Edge and Christian are back! With their cute little matching elbow injuries and all.

Haa Booker and Josh Matthews had perfect faces listening to Cole talk. Much like Kane’s reaction to Barrett. The tag match was working pretty well as a tag match…but then TWO run in assaults? Come on. Didn’t quite expect Show to take that shot at Kane though, haha.

On an entertaining side note, it has come to my attention that Big Show bears an uncanny resemblance to the French poet Appolinaire:

Yeah, I watched the RAW replay of JBL and Stone Cold, and I quite enjoyed it.

Aw, SO close to Cole getting hit with an AA. That would’ve been priceless.

Neat video promo for Sin Cara. That was a very good idea to show people a little bit of what he can do. Wonder when he’ll show up; my guess is nobody new until after WrestleMania at least, except the big returns/appearances they’ve been having.

Hm, they changed Kaitlyn’s look a bit. Couldn’t tell how she’s doing wrestling-wise, really. Maybe we’ll find out sometime (though I guess if she’s not technically TV ready yet they used her well).

Drew McIntyre was extra shiny this week. Good match. I’m just kind of wondering what the ‘next step’ for McIntyre will be I guess.

Christian’s promo (interview I guess) was entertaining.

So Brodus Clay is already in a main event. It’s also one close to WrestleMania and the reunion of Edge and Christian. That’s pretty big. Match was fun (and good), I definitely enjoyed watching it. I hope this was not the last of E&C that we’ll see for the near future. I like having the young guys come in, but watching a lot of the vets, especially those two, can be tons of fun.

I still can’t totally decide on Undertaker’s new music. I like it, but there’s something about the dirge that just works so well.

I think Randy Orton was a velociraptor in another life.

I’m not entirely sure why Christian and Del Rio are appearing on RAW…or why Brodus Clay is with Del Rio, since he didn’t win NXT last week (though I admit I didn’t watch an episode last season). Dude’s huge though, but pretty athletic for his size.

No idea what was going on during the Divas match, either. It seemed quite insignificant…having Michael Cole talk over it was NOT the best choice. No, not because he’s annoying or whatever. But the Divas division is already struggling to be relevant, and a lot of people don’t care about the match and don’t think it matters. Having Cole interrupt just solidifies the negative thoughts in peoples’ minds and makes it more of a failure. I mean, really? The Bellas having a title shot already seems illegitimate.

Holy crap. And now JBL comes back?!?! Just when I was getting pissed, too, haha. Brilliant. Absolutely brillant. More surprises, and great ones! (As long as JBL keeps pants and a shirt on, haha. He’s, uh, not my favorite in ring gear.) Oh, man, how great was Cole crying in the corner, too?! And then Stone Cold signs the contract! And Cole gets a beer shower! And JBL is down again! Perfect. Beautiful.
I feel like a little kid again I’m so excited about this segment.
P.S. Who has the awesome job of throwing the beer to Austin? They’re quite good at it.

Wow, I’m so sick of R-Truth even a match with CM Punk hardly keeps my attention. Very nice breaking out the anaconda vise, though.

So, you know those Tough Enough commercials? There’s that quick clip of a woman trying to do a forward roll of some sort and failing. That maybe happened to me when I was in the ring. But I’m okay with that! (It was a momentum thing I was having issues with…we decided that wasn’t the best way to go about it after I tried the roll the first time, haha.)

Yesss Vickie. And thank goodness Dolph is back. I really like that kid. I hope he doesn’t get lost on the RAW roster. Pretty solid match for both him and Morrison. Wait, wait. Vickie and Trish Stratus? Keeps getting better. Of course I might enjoy Vickie and her character more than some, haha.

Hearing the Rock say, “Yabba dabba bitch” won’t ever get old, I don’t think.

Good job pulling the Miz into the Rock/Cena thing. Having the WWE Champion fall by the wayside isn’t the best, so he pretty much made himself relevant in all this this time.

Hm, quite a lot happened tonight, didn’t it?

Good opening match, I liked it a lot. I also liked Edge using a submission move, something a little different!

Hm, Cody’s promo was pretty good. He sounded a little different for some reason.

It seems that Slater and Gabriel vs. Santino and Kozlov is the new Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty. Every week for 6 months haha. Good matches usually though. Santino and Slater seem underrated to me.

It’s odd when ‘Taker talks for a long time. But he’s awesome.

It looked like Kane really hammered Gabriel with that chair. Much like Booker, I have no idea what’s going on though.

Hahahaha Michael Cole running around the ring. He has lost his damn mind. It’s entertaining, though.

Edge was bleeding pretty good at the end there. Also…I never understand why the refs come out to stop the 3rd guy. Why wouldn’t they help Edge! But that’s how it works.

So, an okay SmackDown. Would’ve liked a little more wrestling and fewer recaps, but again, that’s the way things go.