I still can’t totally decide on Undertaker’s new music. I like it, but there’s something about the dirge that just works so well.

I think Randy Orton was a velociraptor in another life.

I’m not entirely sure why Christian and Del Rio are appearing on RAW…or why Brodus Clay is with Del Rio, since he didn’t win NXT last week (though I admit I didn’t watch an episode last season). Dude’s huge though, but pretty athletic for his size.

No idea what was going on during the Divas match, either. It seemed quite insignificant…having Michael Cole talk over it was NOT the best choice. No, not because he’s annoying or whatever. But the Divas division is already struggling to be relevant, and a lot of people don’t care about the match and don’t think it matters. Having Cole interrupt just solidifies the negative thoughts in peoples’ minds and makes it more of a failure. I mean, really? The Bellas having a title shot already seems illegitimate.

Holy crap. And now JBL comes back?!?! Just when I was getting pissed, too, haha. Brilliant. Absolutely brillant. More surprises, and great ones! (As long as JBL keeps pants and a shirt on, haha. He’s, uh, not my favorite in ring gear.) Oh, man, how great was Cole crying in the corner, too?! And then Stone Cold signs the contract! And Cole gets a beer shower! And JBL is down again! Perfect. Beautiful.
I feel like a little kid again I’m so excited about this segment.
P.S. Who has the awesome job of throwing the beer to Austin? They’re quite good at it.

Wow, I’m so sick of R-Truth even a match with CM Punk hardly keeps my attention. Very nice breaking out the anaconda vise, though.

So, you know those Tough Enough commercials? There’s that quick clip of a woman trying to do a forward roll of some sort and failing. That maybe happened to me when I was in the ring. But I’m okay with that! (It was a momentum thing I was having issues with…we decided that wasn’t the best way to go about it after I tried the roll the first time, haha.)

Yesss Vickie. And thank goodness Dolph is back. I really like that kid. I hope he doesn’t get lost on the RAW roster. Pretty solid match for both him and Morrison. Wait, wait. Vickie and Trish Stratus? Keeps getting better. Of course I might enjoy Vickie and her character more than some, haha.

Hearing the Rock say, “Yabba dabba bitch” won’t ever get old, I don’t think.

Good job pulling the Miz into the Rock/Cena thing. Having the WWE Champion fall by the wayside isn’t the best, so he pretty much made himself relevant in all this this time.

Hm, quite a lot happened tonight, didn’t it?