Sorry for the delay.
Yeah I think I’m actually scared of Brodus Clay, haha. He is much less jolly than the Big Show. FINALLY Edge and Christian are back! With their cute little matching elbow injuries and all.

Haa Booker and Josh Matthews had perfect faces listening to Cole talk. Much like Kane’s reaction to Barrett. The tag match was working pretty well as a tag match…but then TWO run in assaults? Come on. Didn’t quite expect Show to take that shot at Kane though, haha.

On an entertaining side note, it has come to my attention that Big Show bears an uncanny resemblance to the French poet Appolinaire:

Yeah, I watched the RAW replay of JBL and Stone Cold, and I quite enjoyed it.

Aw, SO close to Cole getting hit with an AA. That would’ve been priceless.

Neat video promo for Sin Cara. That was a very good idea to show people a little bit of what he can do. Wonder when he’ll show up; my guess is nobody new until after WrestleMania at least, except the big returns/appearances they’ve been having.

Hm, they changed Kaitlyn’s look a bit. Couldn’t tell how she’s doing wrestling-wise, really. Maybe we’ll find out sometime (though I guess if she’s not technically TV ready yet they used her well).

Drew McIntyre was extra shiny this week. Good match. I’m just kind of wondering what the ‘next step’ for McIntyre will be I guess.

Christian’s promo (interview I guess) was entertaining.

So Brodus Clay is already in a main event. It’s also one close to WrestleMania and the reunion of Edge and Christian. That’s pretty big. Match was fun (and good), I definitely enjoyed watching it. I hope this was not the last of E&C that we’ll see for the near future. I like having the young guys come in, but watching a lot of the vets, especially those two, can be tons of fun.